38 years existence in this world I just realized that there are still more better than money which is having a GOOD NAME the Bible tell us also that one of the most valuable things a person can have, A good name has a better effect on a man’s dignity during his lifetime,A good name is more precious than great riches people remember you by having a good deeds.Second a GOOD SPOUSE ,i qouted this on the bible who can find a virtuous woman,for her price is far above rubies and says the man has this type of wife is safe with her and can trust confidently in her. HEr activities bring forth multiplt benefits to him throughout all the years of his life,she is not afraid of some of the four letter words that many of the woman of our day hate to hear words such as work, iron, cook,bake,wash and dust but now adays many men dont know the value of a good wife. A GOOD HUSBAND, a godly husband will always be ready to lay down his life for his wife and family, he also be constantly helping hiw wife and the proper husband will deligently work to provide for his family. and UNDERSTANDING is somthing quite different it is knowing why and how things happen but the most of all is having GOD in our lives we always remember money perish but having a good name,a good spouse,a good husband and understanding is remain. hope it would help to the readers GOD BLESS everyone.

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