How to Write a Good Article on Any Topic

How to Write a Good Article on Any Topic

Content creators, copywriters, freelance writers, and bloggers typically struggle with one relenting problem: writing a good article on any topic. This is especially relevant in our current age of content—whereby millions of blog posts are published daily. To ensure you stand out in the noise, here are a few tips to writing a good article on any topic:

Start Simple

Your introduction could make or break your entire article! Research shows that our attention spans are shortening due to an ‘overload’ of information. For this reason, you need to draw in your readers from the start—or else they’ll move on to the next article. Consider opening your article with a fun fact, something catchy, or a problem facing your target audience.

Always Think of the Reader

The underlying purpose of any article to send a message to a targeted reader. Everything is about the reader! With this in mind, a good article is one that is written from the perspective of the end-user. A useful tip is to get in the shoes of your perceived audience.

For example, if it’s a health-related article, think of what your audience of health-conscious readers needs/expects. Your tone should be authoritative; your writing style should be formal and you should use referenced scientific evidence to foster trust.

Keep it Short Going Forward

Few people—if any—feel motivated to read an article with dense paragraphs. They’re cumbersome and demand a high level of focus to decipher. To ease the load on your reader, break up the text using short paragraphs, bullet points, or spaces between ideas.

Stay Away from Fluff

Always offer value! Don’t just write for the sake of churning out content. Ensure you convey a meaning that will help the reader.

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