Black Friday Deals For Curly Hair Weave

Black Friday Deals For Curly Hair Weave

Black Friday 2020 will be different compared to the previous one because of the pandemic, but this is the only time you can get almost everything at a discounted rate. There will be many people buying everything that they can get a hold of, so this is your only chance to go all out on human hair wigs and extensions. My motto is spending on myself once or twice a year, and Black Friday sales are one of them. Major hair and beauty brands offer irresistible prices on extensions and weave hair. Forget about Christmas shopping and buy your gifts during Black Friday sales.


Get the best deals on your favorite curly hair during this Black Friday

I recommend spending your hard-earned money on things that matter to you, and for me, it is hair and beauty. These are the two tips to remember while shopping during the Black Friday sale for curly hair weaves: Always choose the longest straight, wavy or curly hair because length matters. Aim for items that are never on sale. 

 Here is a list of hair and beauty brands to shop for curly hair wigs & extensions and some tips you need to know about while shopping online during the pandemic.


Get ready for the biggest sale week

Indique Virgin Hair 

 Indique Virgin Hair offers high-quality human hair wigs and extensions specifically for black women. They have clip-ins, tape-ins, wefted hair, bundle, and one of the best virgin human hair wigs in the market. Indique also has tons of textures to choose from. Locate one of their 16 locations or shop online and take advantage of their black Friday sale for curly hair. If you are looking for curly human hair extensions, check out their Studio and Bounce Collection and wigs shop from their Pure and Chaka by Indique Collection. Achieve a natural look with Indique Virgin Hair’s human hair wigs and extensions during their mega black Friday sales.

Follow Indique Virgin Hair on social media to get amazing deals



 Kinkistry offers virgin hair extensions with natural hair texture. They have seven surfaces explicitly designed for type 4 hair, and they also have clip-ins, wefted hair, closure, and wigs along with ponytail extensions. Whether you are looking for curly weave hair to sew-in or a quality ponytail in curly texture, Kinkistry is a store you need to check out during Black Friday discounts.


Curly hair wig from Kinkistry


 Divatress always has huge black Friday sales this time of the year. They have synthetic and human hair wigs at excellent prices. Choose one of their synthetic wigs if you want a one-time look as they are inexpensive.

Heat Free Hair: 

Choose Heat Free Hair if you are looking for a simple change. Their hair blends effortlessly with your natural hair.

 They offer a lot of choices when it comes to curly hair wigs and extensions. You can purchase pixie cut wigs as well as long curly hair wigs. You can choose from clip-in extensions to wefted hair and closure. Heat Free Hair’s  For Koils HD Lace Goddess Wig sells for $829 so, if you want curly hair during the black Friday discount, this is the one you should get. This curly wig is made of 100% virgin hair and comes in an elongated S-pattern, and lasts for years when it is taken care of properly. When it comes to the cap type, you can choose between lace frontal (13*6), full lace, or lace closure (4*6), and they offer three cap sizes-small, medium and large. Make sure you don’t miss out on this product this Black Friday 2020.

Purchase from Divatress during the Black Friday sales


Yummy Extensions 

 Yummy Extensions is a Dallas- based hair company that has amazing collections of hair extensions. They offer six different lengths, and their hair comes from a single donor and does not tangle. Yummy Extension’s Deep Wave Burma and Virgin Loose Curl are my favorites. The first one provides a lustrous glossy look and is one of the softest curly hair ever. The Virgin Loose Curl has a natural look and is lightweight. If you want low maintenance curly human hair extensions, choose the products mentioned above.

Yummy hair Extensions 


Mayvenn Hair 

 Are you looking for affordable human hair wigs to gift your best friend for Christmas? Mayvenn offers terrific deals during the shopping week, also known as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Shop through Black Friday until Cyber Monday this year at Mayvenn Hair. Their Virgin Brazilian Deep Wave 360 Wig is an excellent choice for yourself or your best friend, and it comes in seven different lengths. Mayvenn Hair’s products are affordable, but don’t miss out on their black Friday sales.


Deep Wave 360 Wig from Mayvenn Hair


Glam Seamless Hair Extensions 

 Glam Seamless Hair Extensions has stores across the United States: in New York, New Jersey, and Brooklyn so, be sure to hit these stores this Black Friday 2020. Whether you want temporary ready-to-wear or semi-permanent hair extensions, Glam Seamless is a great option for you. They offer tons of colors for their wigs and extensions. Keep an eye on their curly hair extensions in 22” because you can use them to create weave hair. Even the Kardashians use their great hair extensions and wigs.


Look fabulous with Glam Seamless wigs and extensions 


These are the top hair brands that you need to buy from during this black Friday sale for curly hair. While you are at it, make sure you purchase hair care products for your curly hair wigs and weaves to maintain their longevity. Let’s take a look at some tips that you can use when you shop online.

Are you ready to learn a few tips before you shop?


Tip #1: Create a budget.

 Create a budget for yourself so you don’t overindulge during these shopping weeks. It is easy to lose track of your account because everything will seem like a great deal, but do you need it?

Create a budget and stick to it


Tip #2: Subscribe and get on their mailing list.

 Yes, emails from brands are annoying, but I have a trick for you. Use your secondary email address for these types of subscriptions because no one wants to keep receiving emails. Getting on your favorite brand’s email list is an amazing way to get deals, especially during Black Friday and Cyber Mondays.

Join the mailing list and enjoy major deals before anyone else 


Tip #3: Follow the brand on social media.

 Hair brands are on social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. You can get coupons and limited offers with discounts from their social media accounts that you won’t find in their online store.


Don’t forget to check out their social media accounts and website to get amazing deals

Tip #4: Stay ahead of deals 

 Don’t wait until it is the day of black Friday sales. Stay ahead of everyone and check out their website and social media accounts for early deals.


Tip #5: Prioritize your wants and needs 

 Sales and promotions happen all the time, but this is the only time when certain brands will go all out. Create a list of things you want to buy; I always recommend human hair wigs, extensions, and hair care products because they are expensive.


Tip #6: Keep your items in the virtual shopping cart.

 This is a strategy; leave your items in the shopping cart without checking out. After you abandon your cart, you will receive an email with a discount offer. You can also bookmark the pages; this way, you can find the products within a few seconds.


Abandon your shopping cart and receive offers via email


If you are a hair and beauty fanatic like me, use the tips mentioned above on your favorite hair brands during the Black Friday sales. Buy your holiday gifts for your loved ones during Black Friday’s massive discount offers.

Don’t forget to check out these companies for curly hair and curly weaves and look fabulous throughout the holiday season. Do you have other shopping tips for me?

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