Womier K87 Acrylic Mechanical Keyboard Reviews

Womier K87 Acrylic Mechanical Keyboard Reviews

If you can’t play too many tricks with the mechanical keyboard, it’s the material. In addition to the plastic and aluminum alloy shells commonly used in mass production, wooden and acrylic bases have also appeared in the customized ring. Of course, its price is touching and relatively few, and it is not widely used. However, there is such a factory that boldly combines a mechanical keyboard with an acrylic base, mass-produced and sold at affordable prices, and is no longer out of reach.

Acrylic material has the advantages of inherent transparency and texture, with RGB backlighting to achieve full transparency, and the visual impact is particularly strong. The Womier colored glaze 87 mechanical keyboards is improved on the basis of the original acrylic base scheme, which greatly improves the viewing and atmosphere of its lighting effects.

Due to the pursuit of the light-emitting characteristics of the base, the Warmier Glass 87 mechanical keyboard still inherits the steel-free design, which is the non-original steel-free mechanical keyboard currently available on the market. In addition, considering the convenience of driving-free, but also wanting to take into account the rich lighting effects, the concept of “color palette” is introduced, which can quickly select the backlight color, which is more user-friendly.


Appearance details





As the name suggests, the Womier Liuli 87 mechanical keyboard adopts an 87-key layout, and the size is also small, about 320mmx110mmx30mm, and weighs 580g. Compared with the mainstream 61-key configuration, the right Shift key is divided into two sections, and independent arrow keys are added. At the same time, add the more commonly used HOME and DEL to the extra section on the right. The PgUp, PgDn, F zone and other keys need to be realized through a large number of FN combination shortcut keys. It’s difficult to get started, but it’s easier to adapt than 61 keys. After all, most users are accustomed to using the keyboard and rely heavily on the arrow keys.

The special key arrangement makes it relatively difficult to replace the entire set of keycaps in the later stage of the keyboard. Generally, a large set of supplementary keys is required to increase the cost of individualization in the later stage. Moreover, the original standard configuration of Warmier Glass 87 is only ABS keycaps, and the pure white color is relatively monotonous. I believe that it will not take long for the idea of replacing the keycaps to emerge.




Continuing the acrylic base and floating design. Among them, the base is composed of three layers, and long screws are penetrated and fixed. Atomization treatment is added to the surface, which obviously reduces the transparency of the original acrylic material, but in exchange for a relatively uniform backlight effect, each has its own advantages. In order to highlight the luminescence of the base, a wide-sided design (approximately 7mm) is adopted. The overall profile is quite satisfactory, the thickness of the base is consistent before and after, and the input inclination is all achieved by high and low footpads.





In terms of details, the screws are driven down from the front of the panel. Although they are flush with the surface, they are obviously incompatible with the acrylic base due to exposure, which is one of the disadvantages of its appearance. If the other way round, screw up from the base, the round hole is small, the visual perception should be slightly improved.




On the other hand, due to the convenience of driving-free use, the corresponding key position is also marked with the second function icon, which is clear and clear, and there is no need to remember the key position, which is more friendly. Its side-engraved characters have light-transmitting characteristics, so it will not be affected when used at night. Therefore, the keyboard adopts the design of the lower light position, and the front characters are adjusted under the keycap to ensure the light transmission effect of the front and side engraving.




Side engraved characters


The engraved characters are adjusted to the lower position of the keycap to fit the lower light position



The essence of 87 key arrangement



It adopts the right side outlet, mainstream Type-C interface, the opening is relatively regular, and the versatility is good. Among them, the original Type-C interface data cable socket is relatively firm, and it is not easy to fall off in actual use.




The acrylic base plate after atomization has only a slight transparent effect




Screw hole details at the bottom



As mentioned above, if the screws are installed in reverse, blind guessing can reduce the abruptness of exposed screws.




Thick top pad

Thin foot pads at the bottom

The base is flat, and there is no difference in thickness, and the inclination is realized by the high and low foot pads. However, the preset height drop is small. It is recommended to use it with a wrist rest in the later period, or purchase a third-party keyboard support.

Keyboard disassembly



After all the screws on the front frame are removed, the base can be separated. Three-layer structure, the upper and lower shells are clearly atomized, while the middle frame retains a certain degree of transparency.



Transparent effect of middle frame



The bottom plate is flat and not hollowed out, so a middle frame panel must be combined to increase the height to reserve space for the motherboard circuit components and solder joints.



The bottom plate is the same thickness as the middle frame



Floor details




It uses the Weisheng master control solution, dual-zone RGB, multiple dynamic backlight switching, and supports the storage of light effects before power failure.



It adopts a steel-free design and a thicker upper shell. Although it is still a traditional tripod shaft, the actual fixing effect is no problem and it is very stable, but it is a pity that it does not support plug-in replacement.







In addition to the shaft lamp position, there are a lot of RGB LED lamp beads distributed on the bottom edge of the main board, which form a circle to provide the light source for the base.

Shaft keycap


Womier Glazed 87 mechanical keyboard is equipped with a Jiadalon shaft (no steel plate), and the layout of the lower lamp position once again increases the difficulty of replacing the keycap in the later stage. Of course, if you don’t care about the light transmission of the front characters, the keycaps can still be changed at will. Take the Jiadalong green shaft as an example, the hand feel is very crisp and the paragraph sense is clear, but the shaft core still slightly shakes, and there is room for improvement in the stability of the button bottoming. As for the large key position, the satellite shaft structure is normal, and the noise is relatively obvious.


Jiadalong Green Axis




The keycap material is ABS, OEM height, the front and side engraved characters are all laser engraved with light transmission, under the special surface coating, it is not easy to leave fingerprints and sweat stains in actual use. The touch is astringent, but the anti-slip effect is particularly prominent, which is better than mainstream fine matte PBT/ABS two-color keycaps.




Both front and side engraving have light transmission characteristics

Lighting effect








The Womier Glazed 87 mechanical keyboard has dual-zone RGB lighting effects. Thanks to the acrylic base and steel-free design, the whole body luminous effect is realized. And after the atomization treatment, the lamp beads are no longer visible on the front, and the light effect is relatively uniform. And because the middle frame retains a certain degree of transparency, the highlight position can still be clearly seen from the side view, which is a bit dazzling (the same is true on the back of the bottom plate). The soft lighting makes it more comfortable to disperse, and with the white table top, the atmosphere is full. The fly in the ointment is that the exposed screws on the front especially affect the perception in the dark.

The keyboard is plug-and-play without driving, and the lighting effect can be directly controlled by the FN combination shortcut key. The keyboard and base lighting effects can be switched separately, but the former has more dynamic lighting effects. The setting logic is relatively clear and easy to understand. FN+Left Ctrl and Right Ctrl correspond to the base and keyboard lighting effects respectively. FN + space will bring up the “color palette”, which directly provides a variety of preset light color options.


If you feel that the front screws affect the look and feel, you can remove some of them.

At present, the starting price of the Warmier Liuli 87 mechanical keyboard is 299 yuan (original price 369 yuan), which is indeed relatively close to the people. Its acrylic base + full-body luminous characteristics are unique, with outstanding lighting effects and quite customized flavors. In addition, 87 keys are arranged, including independent arrow key design, which is relatively easy to use while taking into account the miniature and portability. Pursuing cool lighting effects, while not constraining traditional keyboard materials, Warmier Glass 87 is a low-cost early adopter.

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