What Are the Top 3 Social Media Apps

What Are the Top 3 Social Media Apps

We’re living in a global village—and social media apps are at the heart of this unprecedented interconnectedness. In the 21st century, technology has taken a new turn. Innovations keep popping up on the internet—as more and more captivating apps are developed. But even with this proliferation of social media apps, some are better/more popular than others as shown below:


The king on the hill; the don; the one on the iron throne—all these descriptive words point to the dominance of Facebook as the top social media app. According to Statista, the app boasts of around 170 million monthly mobile users. of all social media apps. It’s an ideal platform to build relationships on a personal and business level. Regarding the latter, Facebook an effective marketing hub with the addition of Facebook Ad Campaigns.


With a thriving community of influencers, brands, bloggers, and small business owners, Instagram is easily one of the most popular and engaging social media apps. Most of the people that use this app are teens and young adults. The content that works best on this app is beautiful photos, a selfie-style video that speaks directly to the audience, and a correspondent caption to your posts.


Whatsapp is basically an instant messaging app—and by far the most popular. It is also the best messaging platforms for your friends and family. It adored for its stability and host of useful features—including an option to back up data, share live locations/contacts/documents, and make voice/video calls.


Keep in mind that this is merely a snippet! They are many more apps on the internet depending on one’s needs. In this article, we have just scratched the surface on what we believed to be the top social media apps on the internet.

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