What are the best cameras for YouTube?

What are the best cameras for YouTube?

Wondering which camera will make your content more appealing? We can all agree that a blurry video can be a hindrance to getting viewers to watch to the end—which is the main algorithm that YouTube uses. Even if it is interesting and engaging, they might end up quitting.

However, you should keep in mind that expensive and great cameras will not make you a great YouTuber. You will only become one if you conjoin both good content and great video quality. To add on, the sound must also be good. This simply means that there is a lot to consider while deciding on the camera you will use to shoot your video.

3 best cameras for your YouTube

  1. Sony Cybey-shot RX100 M3 or later

If you don’t have good lighting then this should be your go-to camera. It has a big sensor for images and a bright lens that will improve the quality of the video. It gives you full exposure control and with 1080 60p/24p HD video. The camera enables you to zoom even between recording. It is lightweight and easy to carry making it more advantageous to youtubers. Read more.

  1. Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH5

It has a magnesium alloy and mirrorless body that is durable and has a video performance that goes up to 4K. The focusing capability is fast and accurate meaning your videos will come out as clear as you dreamt or thought they would. It can be connected to both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Read more.

  1. Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III

Its operating environment ranges from 0 – 40 C and 10 – 90% humidity. Its’s weight is approximately 304g meaning you can carry it in your pocket without any struggles. It enables you to shoot full HD videos with detailed slow-motion actions because of its high frame rate. Read more.

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