Top Skills For Becoming a Successful Drupal Developer

Top Skills For Becoming a Successful Drupal Developer

As they say, whatever you do, be the best in it! The same goes for Drupal development. Drupal is one of the most popular CMS platforms with a total market share of 2.8%. There are more than 1.3 million websites that have adopted the technology of Drupal considering its immense benefits. And if you’re thinking of making the most of the technology, all you need to do is hire a professional Drupal development company to get an exceptional Drupal website. But, it is also important to know that not any team of Drupal developers can help you build an effective website. There are certain skills that every successful Drupal developer must possess. So, whether you’re an aspiring Drupal developer or a business owner looking to find the best team of Drupal developers, here are skills that you should look for in order to secure your web project with the best services. So, here we go!

  • A Strong Hold On PHP and PHP Frameworks

Drupal is one of those CMS platforms which is ideally not suitable for developers with no technical knowledge. Drupal has foundational coding languages. As a successful developer, it is important to be familiar with these languages. For example, Drupal 7 was built using PHP, whereas, Drupal 8 is on Symphony which is a PHP framework. Surely, as a business owner, you don’t want a Drupal developer that doesn’t carry the knowledge of PHP and PHP frameworks. Not just Drupal core, but custom Drupal development is highly dependent on JQuery and MySQL. Thus, as a Drupal developer, it becomes imperative to have knowledge of MySQL (to set up your Drupal database) and JQuery (for easily carrying out DOM, AJAX functions, effects, and events). 

  • Contribution to Drupal Community

This is a very important skill that you should look for in a Drupal developer. A developer is only successful and effective when he/she is a part of the Drupal community. You must be wondering how a developer can be a part of the Drupal community? Well, a developer can be a part of the huge community of Drupal by contributing code, testing, or even bug reports. On a larger scale, the experience of installing and building Drupal modules also counts in contribution to the Drupal community. As we know, Drupal modules help bring the desired features and functionalities to a website, thus, it is crucial to have a knowledge of installing existing modules and building new ones. 

  • Knowledge of Drupal Theme Development

It’s just not modules that help you create an exceptional website. Drupal is also known to have a huge set of themes that allow developers to create visually appealing websites. Not just this, the theme of your Drupal site also plays a crucial role in providing a great user experience. Thus, theming a website becomes an essential factor. Though Drupal offers more than 2000 themes to choose from, yet there could be a time when you think of getting a more unique theme for your website. If that’s the case, you need a developer who has a rich experience of custom theme development in order to provide you with the best theme for your site. 

  • Debugging and Updating a Drupal Website 

One of the most important skills that a Drupal developer must possess is the ability to find any issue in the code. However, there could be hardly any developer who has the ability to notice any potential bug during the coding process itself. Yet, having such an ability could help save a lot of time as well as prevent any further bugs or issues to occur. Besides, acknowledging the issues that occur once the site is published is an important skill of a successful Drupal developer. As a business owner hiring a professional Drupal developer, it is significant to know that not every developer offers post-launch and support services. This makes it even more important for a business to hire a developer who offers post-launch services as well in order to ensure that the website is up-to-date, bug-free, and has an exceptional user experience to offer to its visitors. 


With that being said, we come to the end of this post. Now you are aware of all the important skills that you must look for in a Drupal developer as a business owner. Talking about a professional developer, you can also consider Auxesis Infotech. We are counted amongst the top Drupal developers with immense experience and all the resources essential to delivering exceptional services to clients.

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