How To Know Whose Car It Is From The License Plate?

How To Know Whose Car It Is From The License Plate?

Have you ever wondered how to tell whose car it is from the license plate? Did you think that access to this information was not allowed?

To the surprise of many, we have to say that such an interest is totally legalYou can even know the affiliation of all the owners who have owned a car during its useful life. These are data that can be accessed through the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) itself, since its   vehicle registration is public and it has been already done by auto for trade.

How can we know who is a car for tuition? There are 3 possible ways to access this data:

  1. Go to a Provincial Traffic Headquarters and request the information directly. In order to be treated for this reason at a Provincial Traffic Headquarters, it will be necessary to resort to the prior appointment procedure.
  2. Make the request online at the DGT itself.
  3. Use an authorized agency to obtain this type of data, also online.

The DGT demands that we have compelling reasons

Once there, we must provide our DNI, NIE, driver’s license or passport. And of course, duly justify what are the reasons that have led us to be interested in the situation of a certain vehicle.

If we finally choose to request this same information from the DGT over the internet, it is important to know that we can only do so if we are in possession of a digital certificate.

With the application, it will be necessary to provide the registration number of the vehicle questioned and its frame number. And of course, we will also have to explain the reasons that lead us to be interested in such information. They must be reasons of weight, for example, to know if the second-hand car that we intend to buy is free of charges Sometimes it happens that it is the owner himself who requests that the DGT certify the situation in which his vehicle is. Usually it does so because it is required by a prospective buyer.

There may also be other reasons. If this documentation is required by another administration, we will have no choice but to provide it.Furthermore, we will be obliged to request it if we are involved in an accident in which one of the actors involved has fledIn such a case, writing down the escapee’s license plate can be momentous. To access this type of information, we have a third way: resorting to the services of an authorized agency to obtain the data online. They usually complete the procedure in less than two hours. Logically, this formula is more costly economically speaking.

Do not buy a car if it is not free of charges

Those described are ways that help to know if a car is free of charges and to know its real age. This information is crucial in determining whether to appraise it or not. How to know who owns a car by the license plate is sometimes of vital importance. As long as our car has a good policy that allows us to safeguard our own safety. 


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