What material is good for yoga mats? How about choosing TPE yoga mats?

What material is good for yoga mats? How about choosing TPE yoga mats?

For yoga beginners, what material is good for yoga mats? How about choosing TPE yoga mats? How to choose the thickness of the yoga mat? You will also face the displacement of these problems, so today I will introduce you to the yoga mat made of TPE material, and then compare it with mats of other materials.

There are four main types of yoga mats on the market: natural rubber mats, linen fiber mats, PVC mats, and TPE yoga mats. These 4 types are mainstream mats, and there are, for example, cloth mats and NBR mats, instead of weightlifting. If you have to grade by material, then the comprehensive evaluation is: TPE>Rubber>Linen>Cloth>PVC>NBR, Here is an explanation:

1. TPE material yoga mat: synonymous with high-end professionalism, it is a mat with very high material practicability and cost-effectiveness. The cushion made of TPE material is soft and comfortable, instead of rubber, the cushion has a rebound time and easy cleaning. It is portable and at the same time, the material can be recycled, has no odor, and is more cost-effective. It is suitable for beginners, instructors, and practitioners.

2. Rubber yoga mat: It is synonymous with royal family, and the user experience is high, but the price is expensive (high-quality TPE yoga mat is 200 yuan, rubber mat is usually more than 450 yuan). The choice of rubber pad is definitely based on the comfort of the material. In addition, its ease of cleaning, softness, and portability are excellent, but the price is really embarrassing, and it is suitable for instructors and practitioners. (The editor bought a rubber mat last time, it is expensive, and found to be slippery when used, it is really not suitable for beginners).

3. Flax resin yoga mat: synonymous with nobility, the main advantage lies in non-slip performance, rubber and TPE resin should be inserted. The tear resistance is very good, but its softness and comfort are weak, and the price is relatively high compared to TPE, which is suitable for instructor-level driving.

4. Cloth material yoga mat: allowed to see, no pronoun. The performance of the material is relatively average and the price is reasonable, suitable for beginners.

5. PVC material yoga mat: There are a lot of popular pronouns, mainly because the material is really cheap, soft, and easy to clean, but the material has a heavier smell. Cost-effective is the highest material mat, a yoga mat suitable for beginners (if you fall in love with advanced yoga, change it quickly).

6, NBR material yoga mat: This is the most embarrassing material, but it is not suitable for practicing yoga. At present, the yoga studio has cancelled the use of this material mat, and beginners buy it manually.

Detailed introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of various material yoga mats :https://www.wavar.com/blog/what-is-the-best-material-for-yoga-mat.html

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