How to choose the right dumbbell and what to pay attention to when buying dumbbells?

How to choose the right dumbbell and what to pay attention to when buying dumbbells?

You should think carefully about getting dumbbells of the right weight. The right weight dumbbells, you’ll train effectively without putting the wrong kind of strain on your muscles. That will help you achieve your training goals more quickly. Below, I’ll explain which weight is suitable for you and what to keep in mind when buying dumbbells.

Regular dumbbells or adjustable dumbbells?



Regular dumbbell



Regular dumbbell

A regular dumbbell is a weight that consists of 1 piece. These kind of dumbbells therefore have 1 fixed weight. They’re mostly suitable if you work out once a week with some exercises to stay in shape. Focus on doing a lot of reps of one particular exercise. That effects the condition of your muscles and therefore the overall fitness of your body. The regular dumbbells are also suitable if you have no experience with these kinds of weights. In that case, it’s better to first do a few work outs with dumbbells of the same weight. That helps you get used to the exercise. Is the exercise becoming easy? Switch to adjustable dumbbells or a set of them. More details



Adjustable dumbbell


Adjustable dumbbell

An adjustable dumbbell is a dumbbell with adjustable weights. You can also opt for dumbbell sets. You use adjustable dumbbells if your fitness goal is increasing muscle mass or if you plan to do a lot of different exercises during your workout. That’s because for some exercises, you can handle a heavier weight than for others. Want to start growing muscle right away? Get an adjustable dumbbell or a set of dumbbells. Do your first few exercises with the same weight. As soon as you have the right posture and can easily do the exercise, you can move up to a higher weight. Have you already done few workouts with the same weight? In that case, it’s also a good idea to switch to an adjustable dumbbell or a set of different weights. When you can then do the exercises with the right motion, posture, and level of ease, your muscles will get used to it again and you can increase the weight again. More

Which one?
So in the end should you choose fixed or adjustable dumbbells? Fixed for greatest flexibility and longevity at the expense of space. Threaded collar adjustable dumbbells are the cheapest option but that comes at the expense of user comfort. Selectorized adjustable is great for space saving and a tidy look but isn’t the sturdiest option. Choose which one fits your needs the best.

Weight range of dumbbells for a home gym

Most models of dumbbells have a range that goes from 5lbs to 60 lbs. with 5lbs. increments. For some stronger people under us, 60lbs. isn’t enough. If that’s you and you don’t like different types of dumbbells in your rack, it’s something to pay attention to.

Dumbbells less than 5lbs are usually a different type anyways so it’s difficult to avoid a different look with the lightest dumbbells.

Do you need all weights of dumbbells?

No, you don’t need all of them at the same time. But over an extended period of time, you’ll need almost all of the dumbbells in a range of 5 to +-60 pounds. Because you’ll use different weights for different exercises. But you’ll also get stronger, meaning you’ll need all of those starting weights and the one or two weights above your starting point in just a few months’ time.

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