Benefits of aerobic pedal

Benefits of aerobic pedal

Aerobic pedal training physical coordination

The aerobic pedal is mainly used in fitness and aerobic courses. In professional aerobic courses, a whole set of movements will be designed and matched by aerobics instructors, and more people will do it together. It feels very fun. If it is Doing exercises alone at home may feel boring. At this time, you can do the exercises in line with the rhythm of the music, or do it while watching TV to increase the sense of rhythm and interest.

Experts suggest that for beginners to do aerobic pedal movements, it is best to do according to their ability at the beginning, with 8-10 movements per movement, 1-2 sets of movements at a time, and each movement will be increased after the movements are more proficient To 12-15 times, 3-5 sets each time. In this way, continue to exercise 3-5 times a week. After 2-3 weeks, you will obviously feel that the lower body, especially the waist and buttocks, have become stronger. Using the pedals to do push-ups will also make the chest muscles firmer. .

Board operation as a form of aerobics has increasingly become a fashionable way to lose weight. The pedal operation is aerobic aerobics, which is different from general aerobics in that the movements and steps of aerobics are done on the pedal. Step aerobics has all the characteristics of aerobics, plus its height can be adjusted, bodybuilders can easily maintain the effective intensity of exercise to lose weight according to their own conditions, and more effectively improve their own weight loss effects and coordination.

The pedal operation is aerobic aerobics, which is a long-term, medium-to-low-intensity exercise with sufficient oxygen. Exercising at this intensity will make your legs stronger, and the muscle lines will be more slender, which effectively solves the problem of sagging buttocks. In addition, the stretching and stretching in the step aerobics makes your movements more flexible and lighter. . [1]

(1) Exercise step board consumes a lot of energy, fat, and enhances cardiopulmonary function:

Due to the need to overcome the effect of gravity, the aerobic exercises consume more energy to complete the same action than on flat ground. At the same time, a reasonable increase in exercise load will also help improve cardiopulmonary function.

(2) The shaping effect of exercise step board on legs and buttocks:

In completing all the up and down pedal movements, the main muscles that exert force are the thigh and buttocks muscles. The resistance they have to overcome is gravity, and this resistance is much smaller than the maximum force. Therefore, the pedal is a long-term low-weight resistance muscle exercise, which can consume excess fat in the legs and buttocks, achieve the effect of highlighting the muscle lines without increasing the muscle circumference, and is very helpful in shaping the healthy legs and buttocks. .

(3) Exercise step board to cultivate a good sense of orientation:

Since the exercise step board is a three-dimensional object with height, length, and width, when you use it to practice, you can’t do whatever you want on the ground. For example, it is too close to the exercise step board or the leg is not lifted enough to easily kick the pedal; too far from the board and unable to step on the board; stepping too large or stepping on the edge of the pedal is easy to fall. All this requires us to have a good sense of position, including our own position and pedal position.

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