Weekend Plan to the Amazing Cities after This Frustrating Lockdown

Weekend Plan to the Amazing Cities after This Frustrating Lockdown

Have a weekend coming up or seeing for a holiday for a few days with friends, family or by you. Here is one of the various options you could consider with a good time guaranteed. Rajasthan is immersed in culture and its tradition or magnificence of history abundantly. Huge wonderful forts, luxurious palaces, assortment museums, religious temples and hospitable individuals, this state have got it all. No marvel Rajasthan has been on the visit list of many travelers from out of India.

Magnificence of Rajasthan

As the prime state in India, traveling and recovering each and every thing in the state Rajasthan will take much more than just a few days (although very exciting). Here is one leg of the journey which you could cover in just 3 days. Let’s talk about the 3 amazing cities of Rajasthan you should visit.

3 amazing cities of Rajasthan

The three amazing cities of Rajasthan are Jaipur, Ajmer, and Pushkar. These three neighbouring cities are most visited tourist place in Rajasthan. These cities are preferred for short weekend trips for 2 or 3 days. You can visit these amazing cities in just 2 to 3 days as per your preference. Jaipur has lots of sites to visit like magnificent minaret, forts, and Rajasthani architectural designs. Rajasthan is famous for their architectural designs and culture. You can explore Jaipur city in just a day. If you were planning a trip for a few days, then most preferred trip packages will us for 1 day to explore Jaipur. Enjoy your Jaipur Ajmer Pushkar tour packages with magnificent monuments and story of Rajputana culture.

Tip – You should ask your driver to help you explore small Rajasthani markets like Bapu bazaar, Nehru bazaar, Hawa Mahal street market, Chand pole street market, here you can buy so many of handicrafts and tradition dress or footwear at a reasonable price. But you should bargain for each item you want to buy. Now let’s see what you have to explore in Jaipur.

Let me tell you the best way to explore Jaipur Ajmer Pushkar

Plan for the first day

Early morning, we arrived in the capital city of Rajasthan, Jaipur. The best way to explore Jaipur is by car. Leave your bags at your hotel and head to explore the pink city. You can carry a small bag for things you may need. The car is the best mean to travel in Jaipur as this city has lots to explore.

You will see straight away that numerous of the walls and structures are highlighted or painted with pink color. Initially, this was done during the rule of Sawai Ram Singh to welcome Prince of Wales in the city in the year 1853. In Old Jaipur, you should first explore the Amber Fort. Visiting time is at least 3 to 4 hours, although if you want to stay more than you should as the fort is really huge and has lots to explore.

On the way back, check out the beautiful Jal Mahal a golden fort in the huge pond. Post lunch, visit the stunning Hawa Mahal. The glorious Hawa Mahal has 953 windows. You should take some pictures in front of Hawa Mahal. This is a great place to take pictures and narcissistic. After chilling in Hawa Mahal you have to do some shopping, as mojries buy (Rajasthani footwear) and dupatta Bandhani. Within a few meters away is the City Palace. A vast palace complex with some amazing museums and shops. In the Diwan-e-khas palace, do not forget to place two large silver vessels. This clutch Guinness record as the world primeauthentic silver vessels. Now, Instrument at Jantar Mantar adjoining City Palace is listed in the UNESCO world heritage site of Jantar Mantar. a busy market just around the corner Jantar Mantar and the City Palace in case you feel like spending more, others head back to the hotel for the rest of a very long day. This is all you have in Jaipur sightseeing tour package.

What you have more to visit

Take a pre booked car again early morning and leave for Ajmer (130 km), you have to travel 2 more hours in the car approximately. Ajmer is a beautiful small city renowned for having the tomb of Khwaja Moinuddin Christi. The holy place is commonly called the Ajmer Dargah. Entry is not restricted to any specific religion and it is supposed to gather lots of devotees till date. Once you have over your offerings and prayers, youshould try rickshaw riding, they will also drop you back to where he picked you from. Do not forget to pick up the famous Sohan Halwa (a type of sweet) from Ajmer. Next, you can head to the Ana Sagar Lake. Nothing much to see, but that it is a non-natural lake. Drive another 11 km ahead further down and you reach Pushkar city.It has the only and famous Lord Brahma temples and Pushkar Lake also known as Brahma Lake.

Smaller markets of Pushkar are very interesting and there are many beautiful Handicraft stalls around. You can buy reasonable cloths, handicraft and bangles from there. If you were planning your trip between the month of October or November, you can enjoy the camel festival or cattle fair. Pushkar is famous camel fair. You can enjoy all the color of Rajasthani traditions in this event.

Around 7 pm, en route to Jaipur back you should take a step at Chokhi Dhani, the famous Rajasthani village themed resort located 19 km away from Jaipur city.

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