Unknown facts about tyres

The satisfaction of buying a car cannot be matched. Your happiness reaches a whole new level when you drive it for the first time. What fascinates you when you look at your car? The elegant looks or the shiny paint?

Your tyres are the components that never excite you. Their value is limited to the functions they perform. They are just four round black coloured objects that enable you to move and attain grip. There are various facts about tyres that you are unaware of.

Original tyres were actually white

The new tyres we see today are extremely black. But they were never like this in the early times. Tyres were first introduced in 1895. They were made of natural rubber and were white in colour. That’s because the initial stage of tyres required only rubber as the synthesising agent. Later, in the 1900s, it was realised that the use of Carbon Black could increase the strength and durability of tyres. The substance also enhanced their life. Now, modern tyres are made of a compound called Silica.

Who is the world’s largest tyre manufacturer?

Who do you think makes the highest number of tyres? Names like Pirelli, Continental, Goodyear must be popping into your mind. The answer is LEGO. Yes, this firm tops the list by manufacturing 300 million tyres every year.

No spare tyres these days

It has been found that most vehicle manufacturers no longer provide a spare tyre. You don’t get the benefit of spare tyres anymore. This is a bit disappointing and scary. They now provide a Tyres bath inflation kit instead. The kit enables you to temporarily fix the tyre and reach the nearest garage for further repairs.

Over-inflation is a big NO!

Many people have the misconception that over-inflated tyres do not cause as much harm as caused by the under-inflated ones. But that’s a myth. Over-inflation leads to poor fuel efficiency. Such tyres wear down quickly from the centre, this makes them bald. Bald tyres are more likely to cause blow-outs, which leads to accidents.

Always avoid part-worn tyres

Your safety is one of the many objectives of tyres Bath. Buying part-worn tyres put your life at stake. They are not safe to drive with as they are old and used. The tread depth of most of these tyres is not sufficient to provide a better and strong grip. This wastes your money and time.

Tyres can be used for about 10 years

The average lifespan of tyres is 10 years. But tyre replacement depends on various factors. If your tyres have prematurely worn down and you no longer get the grip sufficient for a smooth drive. You need to replace them. The minimum tread depth of tyres should be 1.6 mm. Once the depth reaches near this mark, they are ready to be replaced.

Mid-range and budget tyres are manufactured by big brands

You must be thinking that budget tyres are made by some small companies. Yes, that’s true. But those small companies making the budget and mid-range cheap tyres online are usually owned by the big brands. The biggest example here is that of NEXEN tyres. This small company is owned by Michelin. This signifies that you can still buy mid-range tyres as they are not waste. You can also consider buying budget tyres sometimes. However, this still depends on your needs and budget.

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