Solution to insomnia (sleepless night).

  1. Introduction.
  2. My name is Glad father of three one boy two girls.
  3. I work as a casual worker in form where I was a supervisor i normally work for a month or sometime two and sometimes I took casual leave for couple of weeks. 
  4. On that faithful leaves I got home as my family expected but I met my eldest daughter running temperature I asked my wife and told me she was not sleeping for two days now why because she saw a real life crocodile in my compound after a flood in my area since then she can’t sleep I just remembered that that my mother used to prepare me a recipes every weekend after a long football game with my friends to make me sleep,gain energy to face the next day business and to relieve my nerves which I quickly prepare it for her after some days I decided to pay my grand mother a visit I got to her and she also complaining that she needs to get herself drugs before she get sleep, I quickly made the same thing for her too and she regain her health back since then I always prescribed it for many people for years so I decided to let the world knows about it.

It’s a simple recipes that consist of fruits.

How prepare it get these fruits:

1. Cucumber.

2. Date fruits and finally

3. Pineapple juice.

Boil the date fruits for 20 minutes and remove the seeds, then you blend the date fruits and the cucumber together and mixed the pineapple juice and blend all together to complete the recipes.


A tea cup a day

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