Have Fun While Washing Your Clothes

Have Fun While Washing Your Clothes

Woo hoo! It’s laundry day. Do not you just beside myself with excitement and anticipation? You could spend all day surrounded by belching on baby clothes, clothes and myriad athletic smell mystery stains and odors that have not been classified. But it was fun. Laundry fun!

You may be sitting there shaking my head and thinking that a nice laundry ranks right up there with another oxymoron of our time, the great depression, jumbo shrimp, obviously confused and copies of the original. That’s totally understandable. However, All Electric Care wants to issue a challenge. We think that if you follow our tips to have fun while doing laundry, you will see again in the room with the same fear as the root canal appointment. We think you might just end, dare we say you might just end up having a great time while doing laundry.

Listening to music

That’s kind of a no-brainer. This music has a spectacular clever, yet discrete, simple ways to make things better. But you can even take to the next level and create a special playlist that is intended solely for laundry day. Put on a favorite, Tappin your feet, hip-swingin ‘songs we are sure you will have a passion in your step that gets you through laundry.

Watching movies

If you are the type of person who threw the clean laundry on the couch to fold all at one time, movie-folding laundry could be really precise. If you fold one load at a time, then make the Netflix. Check your favorite events 30 minutes and watch an episode every time you fold a load of laundry.

Involve Kiddos

This is a win-win at all. First, it will kiddos engaged in domestic work – win. Second, it could be a lot of fun – well, winning. Have a contest to see who can fold the towels. Or bring a bucket and see who can “dunk” the ball socks. We guarantee there will be a lot of laundry giggle.

Embellish Laundry Room

If your laundry room drab and boring, you will not enjoy the time spent there. Adding a splash of color with paint or wallpaper. How chalkboard paint layer in the washing machine? The possibilities are endless! Toss in some colorful buckets for sorting and few signs of laundry-funny humor to the wall then you’ve got yourself a really cool the laundry room. A room you can certainly have fun while doing the laundry! If you want any type of washing machine repair in Pune, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and lots of more city of India, contact All Electric Care as soon as possible!

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