Find sodium allyl sulfonate, sodium allyl sulfonate 95% in Shandong Songchuan New Materials

Find sodium allyl sulfonate, sodium allyl sulfonate 95% in Shandong Songchuan New Materials
sodium allyl sulfonate

Model No.: sc-2
Brand: songchuan
Place of Origin: China
Packing: pp woven with pe inn…

Sodium Allyl Sulfonate

Product Name: Sodium Allyl Sulfonate (SAS)
Molecular Formula: C3H5SO3Na
CAS NO.: 2495-39-8
Structural Formula: CH2=CH-CH2-SO3Na
Molecular Weight: 144.1

Sodium Allyl Sulfonate Functions:
As the third monomer of acrylic, this product can improve the dyeing properties, the heat resistance and flexibility of fibers, so they can absorb colorfast and have strong fastness and bright color.

2)As a monomer of corrosion and scale inhibitors, this product can be used in water treatment chemicals. It can polymerize with acrylic acid, acrylamide, maleic anhydride, sodium hypophosphite and has good scale inhibition effects for calcium phosphate, zinc salts, carbonate calcium and calcium sulfate.

3)As a nickel-plated brightener in the plating pre-treatment agents.

4)As an oil field chemical, it can polymerize with acrylamide, acrylic acid, sodium humate, acrylamide propyl trimethyl ammonium chloride,acrylamide-ethyl-2-methyl ammonium chloride, diethyl diallyl ammonium chloride, allyl trimethyl ammonium chloride to be dispersants, fluid loss agent and have a remarkable effect in anti-high temperature and salt.

5)It can be used as a high-powered water reducer of polycarboxylic acid to low the water added of products and retard well.

6)As a paint additive, it can be used to produce thermosetting acrylic resin and coating dispersant to increase the water-solubility.

7)As a monomer of flocculant, it can polymerize with acrylamide.

8)It can polymerize with methyl acrylic acid, itaconic acid to be a dispersant.

9)It can be used to make CPPL and high water-absorbing resin in electronics and materials processing.

10)It can polymerize with sodium acrylate,styrene-acrylic emulsion, polyvinyl alcohol to improve fertilizer in red soil and strengthen absorb ammonium ion, nitrate ion.

11)It could be used as one medical intermediate.

12) Used in the antistatic agent, it can achieve the internal antistatic effect in two ways and make the electric conduction passageway by which electric charge can get to the ground lead. It can also be used for lubricating and mold unloading.


1) This product is hazardous to health, prevents the ingestion of this product.

2) Rainproof, wet proof and resistant to the exposure to sunlight when transportation.

3) Be store in a dry and cool place.

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