Capital Smart City Islamabad

Capital Smart City Islamabad

Capital Smart City is an eco-friendly Real Estate project.
Did you know ozone layer is continuously depleting and causing health-risks to Human life?

Ozone layer is the most integral part for the preservation of human life. However, it is continuously get damaged. The main cause of this depletion is human itself. We are blindly using those chemicals that are damaging it at irreversible pace. Several industries have shown their concern on this major problems. Many of them have stopped using such substance.

In this regard, Real Estate Development plays a major role. In order to develop housing societies, developers are blindly cutting trees. They are irreligiously converting lush landscapes to barren lands and destroying nature assets. The green life plays significant role to absorb harmful chemical and providing tranquil and pure lifestyle.

Capital Smart City is the biggest eco-friendly city in Pakistan. It has introduced those infrastructures and measures that helps in preservation of the nature. Below we will discuss some of the major key pointers.

  1. Hydroponic farms

Hydroponic farm is the latest urban agricultural approach. It is the most advance and unique way of agriculture. In hydronic farming, the integral part of plantation, soil is replaced with water. Yes, you read it right. There is no soil binding. In fact the water is used as a base of plantation.

The necessary nutrients are manually added in to water. The main benefit of this sort of farming is that it requires less space and less watering. It also helps in minimizing the green House Effect.

  1. No damage to any natural asset

Since, Capital Smart City Islamabad is sprawled over huge land. Several hills, pastures, lakes, forests and other natural assets comes under its developmental site. However, the experience team of developers, FDHL and HRL, has keen focus to not let a single tree disturbed in this developmental work. All the hills and landscapes are utilized for the beautification of the project.

It has Crystal Lake that is inhabitant of several sea life.  Meanwhile, it also serve as tourist destination for international tourists.

  1. Solid Waste Management

Capital Smart City in collaboration with Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente (ESA) providing Smart Waste Management System in Capital Smart City. It is an integrated system especially for the collection of waste. The technology-oriented waste management system enables the right solution for every city.

The Waste Management Solutions will manage whole waste in Capital Smart City. It will install Garbage Bins at distinct places throughout the city. Each of these bins are equipped with Smart Sensors. Furthermore, after certain volume and weight, the garbage bins will automatically send a command to main panel.

The integrated software send a command to nearby garbage truck to empty the bins. These garbage trucks are operated by single person. The robotic crane on these trucks will empty bins without interference of any human.

Later on, these trucks will transfer the waste to Dump Area. It will further treated on Garbage Disposal and Sewerage Plant. In addition, the sensors on garbage bins also keep check on gases as well. These gases include Silver Dioxide, Nitrogen, Carbon Mono Oxide and Oxygen level.

  1. 60% land dedicated for greenery & Parks

Capital Smart City is constitutes of more than 80 thousand kanal land. Instead of covering whole area with manly construction, it has reserved a large area for green land. Since, this area is unpopulated. Thus, there are lush pastures and landscapes that are sight for sore eyes. Capital Smart City has planned a number of theme parks. These theme parks are equipped with versatile equipment to entertain at high level.

In conclusion, you will never find such a strategically planned real estate development.



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