Armenian Kim Kardashian West excited to be in Armenia

Armenian Kim Kardashian West excited to be in Armenia
Kim Kardashian West ( born October 21, 1980) is an Armenian- American media personality, businesswoman, socialite, model, and actress. West first gained media attention as a friend and stylist of Paris Hilton but received wider notice after a 2002 sex tapeKim Kardashian, Superstar, with her then-boyfriend Ray J was released in 2007. Later that year, she and her family began to appear in the E! reality television series Keeping Up with the Kardashians (2007–present). Its success soon led to the creation of spin-offs including Kourtney and Kim Take New York (2011–2012) and Kourtney and Kim Take Miami (2009–2013).

In recent years, West has developed an online and social media presence, including hundreds of millions of followers on Twitter and Instagram. She has released a variety of products tied to her name, including the 2014 mobile game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, a variety of clothing and products, the 2015 photo book Selfish and her eponymous personal app. Her relationship with rapper Kanye West has also received significant media coverage; the couple married in 2014, and they have four children together. West has appeared in films such as Disaster Movie (2008), Deep in the Valley (2009) and Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor (2013).

Time magazine included West on their list of 2015’s 100 most influential people, while Vogue described her in 2016 as a “pop culture phenomenon.” Both critics and admirers have described her as exemplifying the notion of being famous for being famous. She was reported to be the highest-paid reality television personality of 2015, with her estimated total earnings exceeding US$53 million.

West was born on October 21, 1980, in Los Angeles, California, the daughter of famous lawyer  Robert Kardashian and Kriss Jenner. She has an older sister, Kourtney, a younger sister, Khloé, and a younger brother, Rob. Their mother is of Dutch, English, Irish, and Scottish ancestry, while their father was a third-generation Armenian-American. After their parents divorced in 1991, her mother married again that year, to Bruce Jenner (now Caitlyn Jenner), the 1976 Summer Olympics decathlon winner. Through their marriage, West gained step-brothers and step-sisters.

She attended Marymount High School, a Roman Catholic all-girls school in Los Angeles.  West’s father died in 2003 of cancer. In her 20s, West was the close friend and stylist of socialite  Paris Hilton, through whom she first garnered media attention.

In 2006, West entered the business world with her two sisters and opened the boutique shop D-A-S-H in Calabasas, California. In February 2007, a sex tape made by West and Ray J in 2003 was leaked. West filed a lawsuit against Vivid Entertainment, who distributed the film as Kim Kardashian, Superstar. She later dropped the suit and settled for a reported US$5 million, allowing Vivid to release the tape. Several media outlets later criticized her and the family for using the sex tape’s release as a publicity stunt to promote their upcoming reality show
In October 2007 Kim Kardashian with her family began to appear in the reality television series Keeping Up with the Kardashians. In 2008, she made her feature film debut in the disaster film spoof Disaster Movie, in which she appeared as a character named Lisa.
West became a guest host of WrestleMania XXIV and guest judge on America’s Next Top Model in August of that year. In September, Fusion Beauty and Seven Bar Foundation launched “Kiss Away Poverty”, with West as the face of the campaign. For every LipFusion lipgloss sold, US$1 went to the Foundation to fund women entrepreneurs in the US The following month, she released her first fragrance self-titled “Kim Kardashian”.
That month, the International Business Times reported that West’s 2010 earnings were the highest among Hollywood-based reality stars, estimating them at $6 million.
On October 6, 2014, West posted a jeweled homage in honor of daughter North West on Instagram in the form of some pretty Loud Love Jewelry gold rings, one for each letter of North’s name.
In June 2014, West released a mobile game for iPhone and Android called Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. The objective of the game is to become a Hollywood star or starlet. The game supports a free to play model, meaning the game is free to download, but charges for in-game items The game was a hit, earning US$1.6 million in its first five days of release. In July, the game’s developer Glu Mobile announced that the game was the fifth highest-earning game in Apple’s App Store. As of November 2016, as per CBC Marketplace and interviews with celebrity endorsement experts, Kim Kardashian was paid between $75,000 and $300,000 for each post that she made on InstagramFacebook and Twitter endorsing beauty products. Experts think that celebrities offer fake glimpses into their lives to make viewers fall for their advertising pitches, curated to look as though the viewer is catching them in a spontaneous moment when they are mostly staged.
In June 2017 she launched her own beauty line, KKW Beauty and in November 2017 she launched her own fragrance line, KKW Fragrance. By 2018, according to Business Insider, West was charging $720,000 per Instagram post. Even though engagement data indicates that her posts are worth slightly less,  she’s regularly making headlines and this allows her to demand a premium above any calculated Instagram sponsored post price.
In 2019, West made waves at the Met Gala with her figure-hugging corset-induced Thierry Mugler dress.
In June 2019, West launched a new range of shapewear called Kimono. In response to public pressure, in July 2019, West announced that she would change the name.
Kim Kardashian  Marriages

In 2000, 19-year-old Kardashian eloped with music producer Damon Thomas. Thomas filed for divorce in 2003. Kardashian later blamed their separation on physical and emotional abuse on his part and said she was high on ecstasy during the ceremony. Prior to the completion of her divorce, Kardashian began dating singer Ray J.

In May 2011, Kardashian became engaged to NBA player Kris Humphries, then of the New Jersey Nets, whom she had been dating since October 2010. They were married in a wedding ceremony on August 20 in Montecito, California. Earlier that month, she had released her “wedding fragrance” called “Kim Kardashian Love” which coincided with her own wedding.  A two-part TV special showing the preparations and the wedding itself aired on E! in early October 2011, amidst what The Washington Post called a “media blitz” related to the wedding. After 72 days of marriage, she filed for divorce from Humphries on October 31, citing irreconcilable differences. Several news outlets surmised that Kardashian’s marriage to Humphries was merely a publicity stunt to promote the Kardashian family’s brand and their subsequent television ventures. A man professing to be her former publicist, Jonathan Jaxson, also claimed that her short-lived marriage was indeed staged and a ploy to generate money. Kardashian filed suit against Jaxson, saying his claims were untrue, and subsequently settled the case that included an apology from Jaxson. A widely circulated petition asking to remove all Kardashian-related programming from the air followed the split. The divorce was subject to widespread media attention.

Kardashian began dating rapper and longtime friend Kanye West in April 2012, while still legally married to Humphries. Her divorce was finalized on June 3, 2013,  Kardashian and West became engaged on October 21, Kardashian’s 33rd birthday, and married on May 24, 2014, at Fort di Belvedere in Florence, Italy. Her wedding dress was designed by Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy with some guests’ dresses designed by designer Michael Costello.  The couple’s high status and respective careers have resulted in their relationship becoming subject to heavy media coverage; The New York Times referred to their marriage as “a historic blizzard of celebrity.”
Van Jones later stated that without the West, the act would have never passed because it would not have received the president’s support. It was later passed by a great majority in the US Senate.
In January 2017, she tweeted a table of statistics that went viral, highlighting statistics that show that gun violence in the United States kills 11,737 people annually while terrorism in the United States kills 14 people annually. In January 2018, the World Economic Forum awarded it the “International Statistic of the Year” for 2017.

Kim Kardashian is a Christian and has described herself as “really religious”. She was educated in Christian schools of both the Presbyterian and Roman Catholic traditions. In October 2019 she was baptized in an Armenian Apostolic ceremony at the baptistery in the Etchmiadzin Cathedral complex and given the Armenian name Heghine (Հեղինե).

In April 2015, Kardashian and West traveled to the Armenian Quarter of the Old City in Jerusalem to have their daughter North baptized in the Armenian Apostolic Church, one of the oldest denominations of Oriental Orthodox Christianity. The ceremony took place at the Cathedral of St. James.Khloe Kardashian was appointed the godmother of North. In October 2019, Kim baptized her three younger children at the baptistery in the Etchmiadzin Cathedral complex, Armenia’s mother church. Psalm was given the Armenian name Vardan, Chicago—Ashken and Saint—Grigor.
Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West have four children: their daughter North, their son Saint and their daughter Chicago and finally their son Psalm.
In May 2014, the West was estimated to be worth US$45 million. In 2015, Forbes reported she had “made more this year than ever as her earnings nearly doubled to $53 million from 2014’s $28 million”, and reported that she “has monetized fame better than any other”.  Much of her income includes wholesale earnings of the Sears line, the Kardashian Kollection, which brought in $600 million in 2013 and the Kardashian Beauty cosmetics line, Kardashian-branded tanning products, the boutique-line DASH, as well as sponsored social media posts which are collectively worth $300,000-500,000 per post.   As of July 2018, the West is worth US$350 million. Combined with 3rd husband Kanye West’s net worth of $160 million, their total household net worth is an estimated $510 million, making them one of the richest couples in the entertainment industry. West does not receive alimony payments from either of her first two marriages
has expressed pride in her Armenian and Scottish ancestry. She is not a citizen of either country and does not speak Armenian.  She has advocated for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide on numerous occasions and encouraged President Barack Obama and the United States government to consider its acknowledgment. During her visit to Armenia in 2019, she stated that she “talks  about it the Armenian Genocide with people internally at the White House.”

In April 2015, West traveled to Armenia with her husband, her sister Khloé, and her daughter North and visited the Armenian Genocide memorial Tsitsernakaberd in Yerevan. In April 2016, West wrote an article on her website condemning The Wall Street Journal for running an advertisement denying the Armenian Genocide.

Kim Kardashian arrival in Armenia

Kim Kardashian arrived in Armenia with her sister Kourtney and their children.

Activist, entrepreneur, beauty mogul, and producer Kim Kardashian West was a special keynote speaker and panelist at the 23rd World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT 2019), which took place in Yerevan, Armenia from October 6 to 9, 2019.
Ms. Kardashian West addressed a plenary session of WCIT 2019 called “Marketplace of Ideas,” which will examine how decentralized technologies have democratized the worlds of entertainment, media, and journalism and revolutionized the manner in which we create and disseminate art and information, making new stars along the way. “Marketplace of Ideas” explores what these developments mean for personal privacy, social relations, trust in institutions and new business models.
Kardashian West, who is of Armenian descent, was interviewed on stage by Magdalene Yesil, a venture capitalist and business author. She was then joined in a panel discussion by Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, Giphy founder Alex Chung, and PicsArt founder Hovhannes Avoyan on how tech has democratized entertainment, media, and journalism.
Yesil also asked KKW about her mobile game, Kim Kardashian Hollywood, that’s still around after an impressive five years.  I don’t mean to hate on KKW, certainly not on her home turf. Armenia is a small country, with a population of just three million people – and it’s extremely proud of its global diaspora making waves in everything from technology to entertainment to sport to science. Rightly so, too.
Kim Kardashian has a cumulative following of some 250 million people worldwide and claims to launch about one new product every month, in the areas of cosmetics, fragrance, and shapewear. She works with a core staff of four to five people on these projects. Now, you’d think a serial entrepreneur with as hectic a schedule as that would have more to say about her strategy than,
Everyone knows that Kim Kardashian is famous for her Instagram profile, which counts 148 million followers – higher than Beyoncé.

Kim Kardashian feels “blessed” to have been baptized in her ancestors’ native land.

“Thank you, Armenia for such a memorable trip,” Kim, “So blessed to have been baptized along with my babies at Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, Armenia’s main cathedral which is sometimes referred to as the Vatican of the Armenian Apostolic Church.” And all of them got  Armenian names.

Kim’s eldest daughter with husband Kanye West, North West, was baptized in Israel in 2015. That ceremony was held at a 12th-century Armenian church called Saint James Cathedral in Jerusalem.
Kim, Kourtney, Mason, and Penelope were pictured visiting the Armenian Genocide Memorial Complex in Yerevan too. The sisters also went to dinner with Armenian President Armen Sarkissian.
Kim Kardashian West is one of the most-followed people on social media with nearly 240 million followers. She is one of the most influential voices in the world today, period. We felt that as an extraordinarily savvy and successful businesswoman, as a pioneer in this space and as a wife and mother she would have something important and interesting to say about the world of social media entrepreneurship which she helped invent and has helped shape for nearly two decades.  In our opinion, a serious conversation about this subject matter is not possible without her participation.

Ms. Kardashian West has been passionate about using her platform for the fight on criminal justice reform and she announced in May that she began studying for a law degree through the apprenticeship program in California. This September, she will launch her anticipated shapewear collection, SKIMS, alongside her KKW BEAUTY and KKW Fragrance collections which launched in 2017.

WCIT is the signature event of the World Information Technology & Services Alliance, the consortium of ICT associations of 83 countries, representing 90% of the industry.  For 40 years, technology leaders—CEOs and investors, policymakers, and government officials, academics and technologists—have joined in this annual event to discuss the state of the industry, where it is headed, and what it means for our future.

This year, WCIT will address The Power of Decentralization: Promise and Peril and explore how information and communications technology is transforming our lives for better and for worse, and its impact on profits and prosperity, safety and security, democracy and humanity. The conversation that begins at WCIT 2019 will continue beyond the close of the conference in an ongoing series of discussions called The Yerevan Talks.

WCIT is expected to attract more than 2,500 participants from more than 70 countries.

American reality-television star Kim Kardashian confirmed that she is considering manufacturing her shapewear line or other products in Armenia
Kardashian pledged late last month to explore business opportunities in her ancestral homeland in response to an appeal from an Armenian-American lobby group which noted that SKIMS items are already produced in Turkey. The 38-year-old mother of four was visiting Armenia for the second time in four years to attend the latest World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT).
Kim Kardashian said, “I still love and value the fact that they bring such attention to such important movements that need to happen and they are really passionate about, because they are still changing the world,”

Talking about plans for her businesses, which include beauty products and shapewear, Kardashian said she was considering opening a factory and investing in Armenia, which her ancestors left for the United States at the beginning of the 20th century.

Kim Kardashian  West  talked  about future investments and opening up a factory here and how to really bring this business to Armenia.

Kardashian, who has over 60 million followers on Twitter, said she was very determined to complete her studies as a lawyer, although it was challenging for her due to her tight schedule.

She wants to promote the hiring of ex-prisoners so they are able to return to the workforce.

“Some of the (most) enlightened people I’ve ever met, smartest people, people that know law the best, are people that are spending time in prison,” said Kardashian, who in the past has talked about her vocal support for criminal justice reform.

The reality-star-turned-activist said she had no plans to enter politics and does not want to have any more children with her musician husband Kanye West.

While in Armenia over the past few days, Kim and Kourtney laid flowers at the Armenian genocide memorial complex, and Kim even stopped to meet with Nikol Pashinyan, the prime minister of Armenia.

The Kardashian family had been visiting Armenia in an apparent attempt to reconnect with their heritage. Their father, Robert Kardashian, was of Armenian descent.

Yesayan also described her as “an extraordinarily savvy and successful businesswoman” who has “something important and interesting to say about the world of social media entrepreneurship.” “In our opinion, a serious conversation about this subject matter is not possible without her participation,” he declared.It will be Kardashian’s second trip to Armenia. The 38-year-old first visited her ancestral homeland in April 2015 together with her husband, American rapper Kanye West, and sister Khloe. She filmed several episodes of the reality series “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” in Yerevan and other parts of the country.

Srapionyan has revealed that during the baptism, Kim, 38, was given the Armenian name Heghine and sister Kourtney, 40, was given Gayane.

According to the deacon, Kim’s five-month-old son Psalm was given the name Vardan, while her 22-month-old daughter Chicago and three-year-old son Saint was given the names Ashkhen and Grigor.

In a series of Instagram posts, Kim described feeling “blessed” to be baptized alongside her children at the ancient church, built-in 303 AD. Her husband and the children’s father, Kanye West, did not accompany them on the trip.

The rest of the late Robert Kardashian’s children with Kris Jenner — sister Khloe Kardashian and her 17-month-old daughter True Thompson, plus their brother Robert Jr and his two-year-old daughter Dream — were also absent from the family’s spiritual journey.

According to the deacon, Kim and Kourtney came prepared for their Christian Armenian baptism, “bringing with them crosses”.

The Kardashian-Jenner family’s relationship with Christianity is well-known.

“We don’t share it much, but we’re really religious,” Kim said in a 2018 interview with Vogue.

Kim’s husband Kanye, 42, conducts his Christian-inspired ‘Sunday Service’ musical worship weekly and will soon release his new album, Jesus Is King.

Her father, Robert Kardashian Sr, was a third-generation Armenian-American whose great-grandparents were Armenian Spiritual Christi

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