6 Jewelry Blogs that You Must Follow Right Now

6 Jewelry Blogs that You Must Follow Right Now

There are a lot of jewelry bloggers who are passionate about what they do. In fact, they go to fashion jewelry stores to find out what the latest trends are. They would want to be the one to give you the latest news. Whether you are a jeweler or starting a jewelry business, you must read blogs for education and leisure. Here are a few blogs that you should definitely follow in order to stay updated in the world of jewelry:

Gem Gossip

Daniele Miele is the blogger behind this blog that covers a variety of news. She has an established background so she is the best person to tell you all the news that is related to jewelry. There will be a lot of juicy rumors but you can rest assure Daniele got it from some very reliable sources. She would want to spread the good word about jewelers and what they are planing in the future. She knows there are a lot of new jewelers out there who would want to be the popular ones.


Rio Grande Blog

This is a blog that is made to support small jewelry businesses. There are a lot of tips and tricks from a variety of writers who share their experiences in the industry. It deals with all about having a business in this industry. There is no doubt you are going to be guided when you have an outstanding business right now. You will be looking forward to the future when you find a lot of tips here from those who have been there and done that in terms of making it in the industry. It is a lot easier said than done to do so as you would need a lot of hard work and determination to be where you are.



Monica Stephenson is the brains behind this awe inspiring blog. It has a wide variety of topics from jewelry reviews to jeweler profiles. You would want to bookmark this website right away as you would want to check it every now and then for the latest updates. Monica has an impressive background as she used to be the editor in a high profile magazine. If there is anybody who should deliver the latest jewelry news, it should be her. Her articles are a great read from start to end.


Jewelry Loupe

Cathleen McCarthy presents a website that is full of knowledge. In fact, she has a section where she gives on how to make different types of jewelry. Other than that, she will teach you how to make a lot of other things. One thing is for sure, you are going to learn a lot of things in this blog. There is no doubt you will enjoy each second of your stay in her blog.


Gem Obssessed

Cheryl Kremkow is the one responsible for writing all the good stuff in this blog. She writes all about celebrity jewelry so she is updated as to which celebrity is endorsing which jewelry brand. There is no doubt a lot of photos there of celebrities strutting their magnificent jewelry. They are not ashamed to show off what they are wearing to the world. She became editor in chief of various jewelry magazines so she has such a solid background. Right now, she is doing fairly great as she is running a media company. Nobody knows how she can still run an entertaining blog but she still can.



Unlike other websites, this blog site is dedicated to jewelry wholesale business. You can find the latest jewelry trends here and learn how to start a jewelry business step by step. It also provides jewelry sales tips and more. If you are interested in jewelry wholesale business or want to wholesale jewelry online for resale, then this blog site must not be missed!


In conclusion, better bookmark all the above blogs as you would want to check out all of their articles. You won’t regret checking out what they have in store for you. Besides, it won’t take too much time to read the above blogs and you will pick up a lot from them too. Be sure to do it during your spare time as you will find a lot of people are passionate about giving you what you need to know when it comes to starting a jewelry business. It is not easy but there is no such thing as an easy business. They are all hard but once it is established, it will be easy but expect to run into problems every now and then.

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