Runmus Affordable Gaming Headphone Review

Runmus Affordable Gaming Headphone Review

Gaming is one of the growing industries today. Moreover, it started as a passion and turned into a professional. This makes it grow higher & higher. With this growth, new brands are making equipment that matches the development. Runmus is among such brands.

Runmus brand makes different gaming headphones that meet the various needs of gamers. One of the best models from Runmus is K8. Rumpus K8 is one of the affordable gaming headsets in the market. Additionally, Runmus gaming headphones help in improving the gaming experience.

Moreover, utilizing the best set of gaming headset brings change when it gets to online play. The main selling point of this Runmus K8 is that they are cheap & offer the best gaming experience.


Runmus K8 comes in either black, red, or green color. Moreover, this gaming headset has an over the ear design. This headset is compatible with use on various platforms for plug and play. The platform includes PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, Mac, PS3, and Laptop (Windows and iOS). For PS4, PS3 an adapter is required. Additionally, it can also be used with Android devices.

Runmus K8 is built with quality material which makes it durable. Furthermore, the ear cups are bigger to cover your entire ear. With a fantastic LED-light on all sides of this gaming, headphones make it attractive. When the microphone is muted this LED light switches off at the same time. Remember for the LED light to turn on, the USB should be plugged in a USB-power port.

Furthermore, the outer side of this headphone’s ear cup has a brand logo making them attractive. The headset has a smooth finishing. At the inner side of the headband, it’s labeled to show which ear cup should be worn on which ear (R-right ear, L-left ear).

Sound quality

Runmus K8 headphone offers stereo true surround audio. This will ensure that you will have immersive gaming experience. Moreover, RUNMUS gaming headphones feature excellent 50mm sound drivers. These drivers are combined with an improved sound technique. Furthermore, Runmus K8 has a high responsive sound driver. This will enable you to determine the direction the sound is originating from e.g. gunfire, and footsteps.

With anti-static tech in these gaming headphones, it will stop static audio from occurring. Thus, you will always have crystal clear sound. Additionally, the earmuffs will cover one’s ears well, limiting noise penetration. Above all, these headphones feature an improved 7.1 Audio-IC. This will also ensure that the headset gives excellent simulated surround audio. Thus you will hear reality in the gaming world.

Noise-cancelling feature

Runmus K8 has a noise-canceling plus anti-static mic. With this, you will be sure of crystal-clear communication. Moreover, this microphone is sensitive. Thus, it will filter more environmental noise from the surrounding. This will give you a real-in-time talking with no delay. Additionally, the microphone is adjustable. This will allow you to adjust it near your mouth for clear communications. You can also rise mic the up when it’s not used.

Additionally, with tight & comfortable fitting earmuffs, noise from outside will be blocked. With A2DP/AVRCP sound processing system, the headphone will get rid of noise and echo.


A mic is important to any gaming headset. One of the major advantages is that it allows effective communication between players. Runmus K8 headset has an omnidirectional mic. This will allow effective communication flow between players, with no static disturbances. This microphone also absorbs all ambient noise thus, you’ll have clear talks. This mic has a sensitivity of -38±3dB and an output impedance of ≤2.2 KΩ.

Connection technology

Runmus K8 has a wired technology with durable dark knitted sound cable. The headset has a 3.5 mm jack which makes it simple to connect with other devices. Moreover, it’s the cable that has an inline sound control. This makes it easy to control volume and mute microphone. Wired technology makes the headset easy to use with no driver installation needed. Additionally, the cable measures about 7.22 feet. This ensures that you will be able to move within a bigger range.


Runmus K8 has well-padded ear cups and covers with a bionic-protein cushion coat. This ensures that your ears will not have rashes or be sweaty, hence comfortable. Moreover, it is also made using quality lightweight plastic material. The headset weighs about 12 oz. Thus, you will be able to use it for long hours with no discomfort. Self-adjusting cushioned headband will give you extra comfort. Additionally, it gives ultra-comfortable wearing experience.

Its audio cable is extra-long for free movement. Moreover, the cable is made to be stronger & durable than ordinary plastic sound cable.


Gaming equipment is expensive including the headsets. But, with Runmus K8, the case is different. This gaming headset is available at an affordable cost. Moreover, it is compatible with many platforms thus no need of buying more headset. Additionally, since the cost is low, it doesn’t mean that its quality is low. It’s of best value making your gaming experience comfortable.


  • Offers excellent audio quality
  • Compatible with many platforms
  • Has an ergonomic and lightweight design
  • Comes with noise-canceling plus anti-static mic
  • They are affordable


  • There is some background sounds on the microphone
  • Only wired connection option



Runmus K8 is a stereo gaming headset that is budget-friendly. Moreover, this headset comes with superior 50mm sound drivers. Thus it will deliver a true audio effect. Additionally, this headset also comes with an omnidirectional noise-canceling microphone. The microphone is also anti-static thus you will be sure of crystal-clear talk. LED lighting effects will ensure that you will have an immersive gaming experience. Above all, this headset comes with a knitted strong cable which is long enough for comfort.

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