Top Quality extrusion aluminum circular heat sink, with OEM

Top Quality extrusion aluminum circular heat sink, with OEM
circular heat sink

Model No.: HG-012
Brand: Hogreat
Place of Origin: China
Packing: To be packed by EP…
Type: Heat Sinks
Surface Treatment: Other
Warranty(Year): 2
Process: Extrusion&CNC…
IP Rating: IP65
Certification: BV
Brand Name: HoGreat Body
Color: Silver
Shape: Square
Body Material: Aluminum Alloy
Application: Anodized 100w high …
Product Description

1.Name: Top Quality extrusion aluminum circular heat sink with OEM
2.Material: al6063-t5
3.Weight: 14.44 kg/m
4.Machining: Cutting+CNC milling+Debur+Surface finish
5.Surface finish: Clear anodized, could customize according to customer’s request.
6.Packing: To be packed by EPE paper and carton first, then to be packed by plywood pallet.
7.Lead time: 18 days for tooling production,20 days for mass production.
8.Shipping Port: Shanghai
9.Advantage: 1.Engineer specialized in aluminum profile extrusion for led for more than 20 years.
2.Could customized aluminum profile extrusion.
3.Clear anodized on the surface.
4.Factory with SGS.
5.Could customized heavy cross-section aluminum profile extrusion for led.

To dissipate heat, the heat sink must first absorb the heat generated above the chip. The base on the notebook radiator plays this role, and most of the screws on the base are designed with springs. The purpose of this is to make the base stick as much as possible. Tighten the surface of the chip, while not allowing the top cover of the CPU to bear too much pressure and crush the chip.

Radiators are generally divided into air cooling, water (oil) cooling, and other high-end heat dissipation. But civilians are basically wind-cooled, It is to install a fan on the heat sink to achieve a better heat dissipation effect, and some fanless heat sinks are used for quietness, but the material and casting process of the heat sink is higher.

The function of the radiator is to accelerate heat exchange, which is usually achieved by applying materials with high thermal conductivity and increasing the surface area. To achieve heat exchange, a prerequisite is a temperature difference. If you feel hot in the summer, it means that the ambient temperature is high. If it reaches 37-80°C, then you have a heat sink on your body. Not only does it fail to dissipate heat, it absorbs heat efficiently.

Radiators, aluminum products, aluminum profiles, heat dissipation aluminum materials, heat sink profiles, aluminum profile shells, aluminum panels, etc. can be a complete set of processes.

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