Top 5 Glove Mistakes To Avoid

Top 5 Glove Mistakes To Avoid

One should know that a little knowledge about gloves takes them a long way. From not taking good care of your accessories to questionable styling, a lot of blunders are unknowingly created by the usage of this accessory. Hence, here is a compiled list of all the common glove mistakes that you do not realize you may be making: 

Don’t put your gloves on, or take them off the wrong way – Gloves can last a very long time if you take proper care of them and ensure that they do not wear and tear due to natural circumstances. There is something known as ‘glove etiquette’, and these mannerisms must be followed at all times. They will also help in stretching and crumpling these gloves. 

Do take care when you place the gloves on your hands or take them off. As you put them on, they should be folded over the cuff and gently pulled over the hand. If you want to remove the glove, gently pull the top of each finger and thumb, an act that will allow you to slide the gloves off the hand with ease. In case you have a strap on your glove, loosen the fastening as the first step. 

Don’t just stick to the trends only – You can add your own style and twist to your pair of gloves. Biking gloves are a wonderful example of how you can bend the rules and look classy. These gloves can also be incorporated into your everyday outfit, and you can stand out by choosing some gloves with some embellishments or other defining details that are note-worthy. 

Don’t buy the wrong size – There is literally nothing worse than treating yourself with a pair of gloves that do not fit well. If your gloves prove to be baggy or tight, they’re most definitely going to cause you a lot of discomforts. Gloves should be snug at first but should have the ability to stretch to fit the hand completely. You can make use of a tape measure to check the size of your hand and then buy the gloves accordingly. You should also resort to reading the sizing guide, which will help you determine the perfect fit. 

Don’t match your gloves with the wrong material – Materials which clash, such as too much texture and too much shine on any particular outfit doesn’t do good to any ensemble. Ensure to find a balance between the smooth and textured materials in your outfit and gloves. 

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