QVC Series Pneumatic Vacuum feeding machine

QVC Series Pneumatic Vacuum feeding machine

A pneumatic vacuum feeding machine conveys material by compressed air through a vacuum generator. It does not need a mechanical vacuum pump.

Vacuum feeding machine

Vacuum feeding machines can automatically convey materials to grinding machines, mixing machines, sifting machines, packaging machines, injection molding machines, and other equipment in the hopper.

Pneumatic vacuum feeder is a relatively advanced and ideal vacuum conveying equipment for powdery materials and powder-grain mixtures in China. It can automatically transport various materials to the hopper of packaging machines, injection molding machines, crushers and other equipment, and can also directly transport the mixed materials to the mixer (such as V-type mixer, two-dimensional mixer, three-dimensional mixer, etc.) ), it reduces the labor intensity of workers and solves the problem of dust overflow during feeding. The vacuum feeder consists of a vacuum pump (no oil, no water), stainless steel suction nozzle, delivery hose, PE filter (or 316 stainless steel filter It is composed of compressed air blowback device, pneumatic discharge door device, vacuum hopper and material level automatic control device. The whole system is reasonably set up, beautiful in appearance, and meets GMP standards. It is an ideal feeding equipment for the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry.

Vacuum feeder is a supporting equipment widely used in the plastic molding industry. Its function is to use low vacuum to suck the raw materials into the drying hopper of injection molding machines, extruders and other molding machines. Taking into account the many possibilities in actual production, such as lack of material, full barrels, fan failure, etc., a shutdown alarm device is set to avoid the invalid operation of the fan, and it is also convenient for on-site maintenance and operators to solve such problems.

There is no shutdown alarm function for material shortage or full barrel. In this way, when the material in the oven is full, the material level switch is often still closed, or there is no material in the suction hopper, and the fan is still running in a song-like cycle. Frequent starting not only wastes a lot of power, but also causes excessive wear and tear of the equipment. According to statistics, more than 20 feeders are overhauled each year, and half of the motors are burned.

After improvement, the benefit is very obvious. According to the three-shift system, the fan power is 5.5kW, and only 1/4 of the feeder has 1/4 of the working time for idle calculation, which can save 65000kW·h of electricity every year. The actual savings are even more impressive. In addition, since the frequency prohibition of starting of the motor is avoided, the service life of the equipment is extended, and a lot of maintenance costs are saved.

Conveying advantages:

1. Put an end to dust environmental pollution, improve the working environment, while reducing environmental and personnel pollution of materials, and improving cleanliness;

2. Because it is pipeline transportation, it takes up a small space and can complete the powder transportation in a narrow space, making the workspace beautiful and generous;

3. Especially not subject to long and short distance restrictions. At the same time, the vacuum feeder can reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency;

4. It is very suitable for conveying powder materials.

5.It is suitable for powder products with good flow properties and meets GMP standards.

6. ​​Various designs can be made for different materials, a variety of vacuum source designs, and negative pressure workstations can be designed.

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