How to Fill ITR 3 Form Online

How to Fill ITR 3 Form Online

Individuals and Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) have to file Income Tax Return Form 3 (ITR-3), if they have income or profits from their profession. The income can be from salary, pension, house property, bonus, commission and interest. You can click on the below link and download the form. This is an annexure free form; so you don’t need to attach any document while filling it. 

Download ITR 3 Form 

How to download template/ form of ITR-3

How to fill the ITR – 3 form

How is ITR-3 filed? 

Changes in ITR 3 form

How to download the template/ form of ITR-3?

As noted above, eligibility for ITR is dependent on the age and source of income (for individuals). Forms ITR-3 are required for individuals and with income or professional benefits. Return must be filed even though those persons have revenue from: 

— Home House,-Pension / Salary; 

— Other sources of income  

Templates of ITR-3 can be found on the webpage of the Department of Income Tax. You can download Form ITR-3 by following the steps below.

  • Logging on to the link and proceed for the further steps.  
  • Press “Offline utilities” under the Download section 
  • Select the “income Tax Return Preparation utilities” option.  
  • Pick your year of assessment
  • For manual information under the ITR 3 tab , click on “Excel Utility” 
  • Download and fill out the info.   
  • Furthermore, any taxpayer not entitled to file ITR-1 form (Sahaj), ITR-2 or ITR-4 (Sugam) will be allowed to file ITR-3 form.

How to fill the ITR – 3 form

The general instructions for completing ITR 3 form are given below: 

Part A

Please provide all the requested data for Part A, which includes personal details. Your Aadhaar number will also have to be issued. 

Part A-BS

As of 31 March 2019, in accordance with the specified format, in relation to the private company or occupation carried out during the 2018-19 fiscal year, you will have to give part A-BS the information of the balance sheets of products. If the accounts are supposed to be audited, the recorded balance sheet figures should match the audited balance sheet.

Part A- P&L

The profit and loss account information of the 2018-19 financial year in the format specified in Part A- P&L are given. This refers to private businesses or practitioners in the 2018-19 financial year. 

Part A-QD

For Part A-QD, the quantitative information on the trading and manufacturing accounts for the main items is required.

Schedule S

The specifics of the capital gains are needed in Schedule S. 

Schedule HP

Schedule HP needs different descriptions of house property revenues. 

Schedule CG

In Schedule CG it has to be given the capital gains resulting from the sale / transfer of various kinds of capital goods. 

The income tax department has detailed instructions on how to complete the remainder of the schedules on its website. Before filling in, make sure you check it out.

How is ITR-3 filed

Type ITR-3 can only be filed online. You can submit your online application via: 

— electronically furnishing the return with a digital signature 

— electronically sending the data and submitting the return verification in Return Form ITR-V 

You will give your accreditation to your registered email Id when your ITR-3 form is electronically submitted under a digital signature. You can also download it manually from the website of the taxation of profits. You must sign it then and submit it within 120 days of e-filing to CPC ‘s office in the Income Tax department in Bangalore. 

Changes in ITR 3 Form

Amendments Details
Section 115 (H) Introduced An option of section 115(H) has been introduced where a person who was NRI in the previous year becomes an assessable for income earned in India as a resident individual in the current year.
Gender Removal Here, gender disclosure is not required in ITR
GST Schedule Addition GST Schedule has been added in the P & L part
Limit Depreciation 40% depreciation can now be claimed maximum under the depreciation schedules.


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