How to choose a sweater?

How to choose a sweater?
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First, the selection of sweaters needs to pay attention to the tightness of the wool. This is a key to the quality of the sweater. The better the tightness of the sweater, the better the quality of the sweater will naturally be, and the warmth will be strong. You need to pay attention to this point. .

Second, when choosing a sweater, it is recommended that everyone pull the sweater to see how elastic the yarn is. Generally speaking, if the quality of the yarn is good, it will have good elasticity, so that it can be warm when worn on the body, and It will also be very comfortable.

Third, good quality sweaters are generally more expensive, of which mink hair is the best one. We should pay attention to the brand when choosing mink hair sweaters, because big brands generally do not have quality problems and mink hair is difficult to identify. We can only choose the brand.

Fourth, the sweaters of many merchants are of very poor quality and contain a lot of chemical fibers. Therefore, when we buy sweaters, it is best to smell them first. If there is no peculiar smell, we can buy them. Generally speaking, chemical fibers have peculiar smell. , We can distinguish by smelling.

Fifth, when we choose a sweater, we can also pull the silk thread on the sweater. If it can be rolled into a small ball quickly, then the quality of the sweater is not very good. There are more chemical fibers in it, if it is difficult to curl , Then the quality is better.

Sixth, when distinguishing sweaters, you can also rub the sweaters with your hands. If you find that there is more static electricity on it, it means that the wool content of this sweater is very low, and the content of chemical fiber products is relatively large, then I don’t need to Choose this sweater.

Seventh, when we buy sweaters, we can also carefully check the joints of all the yarns on the surface of the sweater, mainly to see if the sweater is very smooth, and at the same time how the knitting texture of the sweater is consistent, and whether the color of the yarn is well-proportioned. These conditions indicate that the sweater quality is good.

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