Do you know what types of spray guns are there?

Do you know what types of spray guns are there?

Type of spray gun

(1) Siphon spray gun (as shown in Figure 1): The paint of the siphon spray gun is located behind the nozzle of the spray gun. When spraying, the paint is attracted to the upper side by the action of airflow, and the paint mist is caused by the pressure at the nozzle. Its use is relatively stable and easy to add paint or change colors, but it is difficult to spray a horizontal surface. The change of viscosity will cause the change of displacement. The paint can is heavier, so the operator is prone to fatigue

(2) Gravity spray gun (as shown in Figure 2): The paint cup of the gravity spray gun is on the nozzle of the spray gun. The weight of the paint and the pressure difference generated by the airflow at the tip of the nozzle are used to spray the paint on the surface of the object. The operation method is the same as the siphon type. It is convenient to adjust the position of the paint cup when in use, but because the paint cup is installed above the nozzle, it will affect the stability of the spray gun.

(3) Pressure delivery spray gun (as shown in Figure 3): The nozzle of the compression spray gun is flush with the air cap, and the vacuum coating is not formed and is pressed to the air cap. The pressure is provided by an independent pressure tank. When spraying large surfaces, it is not necessary to stop and add paint to the paint can, but it is not suitable for spraying on small areas because it takes more time to change the color and clean the spray gun.

Devilbiss Gti Pro lite golden painting tools 1.3mm nozzle spray tools


spray tools

Fine atomization
Optimum finish results in all fields of application
Robust, long-lasting and easy to clean
Suitable for waterborne paints and corrosion resistant
Easy clean surface
Compact and lightweight
Wide range of nozzle sizes: 1.3mm
Extensive range of accessories, such as extensions and add-on set for pressurized cups, etc.
Air consumption: 430 Nl/min (9.7 cfm)
Recommended inlet pressure: 1.5 – 2.0 bar (21.8 psi)
Maximum operating temperature: 50
Maximum operating overpressure: 2.0 – 2.5 bar (29 psi)
Weight: 998 g
Air inlet: G 1/4 ext

Package included:
1x Air Spray Gun
1x600ml watering can
1x cleaning brush
1x air fitting
1x Instruction Manual

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