Check Some of These Elite Force Airsoft Guns

Needing a New Year’s resolution because you don’t have one yet? Make it an easy one and pick up a new airsoft gun for yourself. If you don’t play airsoft, make your resolution to pick up airsoft, but that’s a whole other situation. For our intents and purposes, you can focus on some of the following Elite Force airsoft guns to bring your skills to the next level.

Glock replicas are some of the most popular airsoft pistols around, especially green gas blowback airsoft replicas. If you’re interested in high-quality Glock replicas, Elite Force has some of the best in the game. Check out a model like the Elite Force Glock 18C G18 Auto Blowback Airsoft Pistol that you can find online at MiR Tactical.

This Elite Force Glock Pistol is both semi-automatic and fully automatic capable and is built with Elite Force’s legendary smooth action. It’s also made with a rock-solid frame and is extremely durable. Bring it into the airsoft field and subject it to the knocks and bumps of competitive play and it will keep going strong. More importantly, the magazine that comes with it holds 50 rounds, which is much higher than many other pistols.

As popular as Glock replicas are, 1911 replicas are probably just as popular as Glocks, and Elite Force makes 1911 replicas that set the bar pretty high as well. Check out the Elite Force 1911 Tactical Gen 3 CO2 Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol that you can find right at the same place as the former model.

This model, as opposed to the green gas pistol above, uses CO2 instead, but the blowback mechanism goes a long way toward cutting back on recoil. In addition, this pistol is made with an all-metal frame and slide; it’s a bit heavy, but it’s made of iron (no pun intended). It also comes with a section of rail underneath the slide which facilitates the mounting of accessories like lights or lasers, and it even comes with a reverse threaded tup for mounting cosmetic accessories to up the “tacticool” factor.

In terms of power and capacity, whereas the first Elite Force airsoft gun mentioned here is capable of reaching 300 FPS or so with the proper ammo. This 1911 replica can reach between 330-350 FPS with the right ammo although it comes equipped to hold less than the Glock replica above.

Everyone loves a high-quality AEG for competitive play, and though you need good sidearms, you can’t practically stride into battles with them alone. Consider the Elite Force MCR M4/M16 Airsoft Carbine AEG if you’re looking for an airsoft rifle instead.

This tough-as-nails M4/M16 replica is made with a polymer receiver and a crane style folding stock, making it not only resilient but also adaptable. This platform also comes with a free-floating Picatinny/Weaver-style KeyMod Rail System so you can mount attachments, saddles, or whatever else you need to carry into a match on your handguard. Speaking of that, it even comes ready with sling mount points.

It also comes with a V2 gearbox that is highly reliable and this platform is capable of producing muzzle velocities approaching 380 FPS, right on par with a high-quality AEG. Tough, adaptable, and practical, this is the kind of airsoft rifle you would be well served to pair up with either of the pistols mentioned above.

As mentioned, you can learn more about these Elite Force replicas online at, where you’ll also be able to help yourself to low prices, a great collection of attachments and accessories, ammo, batteries, and more, as well as flat rate shipping. Visit their website today, or call them at 800-581-6620 if you have any questions!

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