Business Registration Online

Business Registration Online

Would you like to begin a business in Canada? Here’s all that you have to think about enlisting your business name.

Do You Need to Register Your Business Name?

Practically all organizations in Canada must enlist their business name in their particular areas or domains aside from sole ownerships that utilization just the proprietor’s lawful name without any increments. All different types of business proprietorship, including organizations, must enlist their business names. Business enrollment is a legitimate necessity, not a decision. According to underneath, Newfoundland and Labrador are the exemptions to this overall principle; in those regions, you don’t need to enroll the name of sole ownerships or associations by any stretch of the imagination.


Type of Ownership   Must Register Business Name?

Corporation   Yes

Partnership    Yes, aside from in Newfoundland and Labrador

Sole ownership utilizing proprietor’s lawful name No

Sole ownership utilizing another name       Yes, aside from in Newfoundland and Labrador

Utilizing Your Legal Name as a Business Name


In the event that your business is a sole ownership and you wish to work under your own name, the name must be your careful lawful name – you can’t add anything to the name, for example, “Inc.” or “Co.” or “and Partners”, nor would you be able to include whatever would give possible clients/customers a sign about what you do.


On the off chance that, for instance, you choose to call your business something, for example, “John Smith’s Consulting Services”, you need to enlist my business name, regardless of whether you are running it as a sole ownership.


Is It a Good Idea to Use Your Name as a Business Name?

Despite the fact that it’s anything but a necessity, as a sole ownership you may wish to enlist a business name as opposed to work under your legitimate name, for instance:


  • If without anyone else you are offering a special support, as do experts, creators, artists, craftsmen, and so forth utilizing your own name bodes well. On the off chance that your business is in another industry, for example, assembling and you plan to inevitably grow the business by joining as well as taking on accomplices and representatives then likely not.
  • If you have a typical name, for example, “Bounce Smith” and you are seeking after customers to handily discover you on the web, utilizing your own name is presumably not a smart thought.
  • If your name is long, has troublesome spelling, or isn’t anything but difficult to recall you may wish to utilize an alternate name.


The most effective method to register a Business Name

In Canada, when you’ve picked a type of business possession, for example, a sole ownership, you register your business by experiencing the way toward enlisting your business with the fitting commonplace power.

Need to enroll a business in Ontario? You have to enroll your business with the Companies Branch of the Ministry of Consumer and Business Services.

On the off chance that you are beginning a business in Nova Scotia, you have to enroll your business with the Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Stock Companies.

On the off chance that you are beginning a business in BC, you have to enroll your business with the Corporate Registry.

In all cases, the initial step is to pick and register a business name, a cycle that regularly requires a name search.

Starting there, the strategy you need to experience to enroll a business name relies upon what type of business possession you’ve decided for your new business. (For data on the various types of business in Canada, see pick a type of business.)

The essential methodology to enroll a business name for a sole ownership or association is to lead a business name search, round out the suitable business enlistment structure, and pay your charge. The Business Registration area of this site has connections to all the distinctive common vaults to accelerate this cycle for you.


Business Registration for Corporations

The methodology to enlist a business name for a partnership or helpful is more included. Other than leading a name search and getting a NUANS report in the event that you wish to set up a named company, you will likewise need to plan Articles of Incorporation, an introductory letter and a fuse application to oblige your expense.

Business Registration in Each Province

Since business enrollment is represented by the areas (except for government fuse), the subtleties of the technique to enlist a business name will contrast here and there.


Where would i be able to discover more assistance and data?

The Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade works endeavor focuses and business self improvement workplaces over the region to help anybody needing to begin another business. They give data, admittance to asset material and counsel on setting up a strategy, dealing with another business and administrative help accessible to business people.


Service of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade

General Inquiries

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900 Bay St.

Toronto ON M7A 2E1

Complementary: 1-866-668-4249 or 1-866-ONT4BIZ

In Toronto: 416-325-6666


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