A Short Argument in Favor of Hot Tub Chlorine Tablets

A Short Argument in Favor of Hot Tub Chlorine Tablets

Sanitation of your hot tub water is only one of the many services you will have to periodically render in order to keep the water clean, clear and comfortable to use. It is your first line of defence against pathogens and will buffer the water against the contaminants that will serve as a perpetual onslaught against it.

That’s only one of the things you will have to manage. You will also need to periodically shock your hot tub or swimming pool, ensure that there is no algae growth, balance the pH and total alkalinity and much more.

With all of these responsibilities laid at your feet, you might as well take every advantage that you can when you can get it, and if you currently use chlorine granules in to kill bacteria in your pool and spa, you might want to consider making the switch to hot tub chlorine tablets.

They Can Save You Time

Hot tub chlorine tablets can potentially save you time over granular chlorine simply because once you learn how many tablets you need to add to the feeder or the water, you can just repeat the process when the chlorine level drops beneath the acceptable range. There are some slow dissolving tablets out there, too, that can last you for quite a while between replacement and keep the level where it needs to be.

They Can Save You Money

This form of chlorine may even be able to save you money, although not necessarily because tablets are cheaper than chlorine in granular form. This mostly applies to people that use bromine such as bromine tablets in their hot tubs.

While bromine comes with its own collection of advantages over chlorine in tablet form, the fact of the matter is that chlorine is more affordable than bromine. Despite the advantages that bromine may have, chlorine is more affordable and if you manage the free levels judiciously, it might save you money.

They’re Effective

There’s also a debate about the efficiency and efficacy of chlorine as compared to bromine. While they are most effective within different ranges, chlorine is every bit as effective as bromine is when you are careful about its administration. That makes it just as suitable to use chlorine tablets, provided you attend the matter with care.

They Can Be Easier to Measure

Finally, and as mentioned above, once you get into a routine about how many tablets to add to the water or feeder, the process will become much easier and more streamlined. That will, as we already stated, save you a bit of time in the long run.

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