A Rheem 2 Ton Heat Pump: How It Works

A Rheem 2 Ton Heat Pump: How It Works

For those of you looking to re-outfit your home with a heating and cooling system, you might have been amazed to learn that there are so many options available in heating and cooling. As it turns out, not everyone has a furnace, and not everyone has a condenser air conditioner either.

There are many different types of heating and cooling solutions out there, and many combinations of them as well. Among air handlers, air conditioners, furnaces and others there are packaged units, split systems, and much more. One of these is a heat pump, and there are some interesting benefits that come along with the operation of a heat pump once you understand how it works.

So how does a heat pump like a Rheem 2 ton heat pump work? A heat pump is called a heat pump because of just that; it “pumps” heat from one place to another. That’s a but of an oversimplification, but it is effectively what is happening. Whereas furnaces burn fuel to produce heat, heat pumps extract heat from one environment, consolidate it and move it somewhere else.

In the summer when it’s hot outside, a heat pump extracts heat from the air in your home and then vents it to the outside. It does this with the help of a few critical components. When it is hot, the heat pump circulates liquid refrigerant into the indoor coil, which absorbs heat. The air inside your home becomes cooler because it has released its heat energy, and the heat pump circulates the cool air around the inside of the home.

As for the heat absorbed by the refrigerant in the indoor coil, the heat pump must vent it to the outside of the home, otherwise there would be a net-no-change in the temperature within your home. The refrigerant is passed through a compressor, which causes it to release its energy again in the form of heat; the refrigerant now has the ability to absorb more heat from your home. The hot air that is released is vented to the outside, the recondensed refrigerant passes back into your home and the process begins again.

In the winter, when it is colder inside, the process is basically reversed. The air may be cold outside, but it still has energy. The refrigerant is allowed to absorb energy from the air until it heats up enough that it has adequate energy to release indoors for heating. It is sent indoor, compressed where it releases its heat, and sent back to the outdoor coil to repeat the process.

This sounds like a lot of steps and it is fairly involved, but the thing about a heat pump system like a Rheem 2 ton heat pump is that it is very energy efficient. They might not be as powerful outright as an air conditioning system or a furnace, but they are much more energy efficient and they last for a long time.

For this reason, they are very attractive to some homeowners who live in milder climates. In a milder climate, the benefits of Rheem heat pumps and other heat pump systems outweigh any lack of outright capacity that they might present.

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