How to advertise your business on google search

How to advertise your business on google search

Need more action on your online business marketing? Well, google advertising is the best decision you can settle for. If done right, it can turn your businesses to the talk of the nation. Considering that there are 4.57 billion people who use the internet the chances of your business making it on the online platform are high.

How does it work?

It is simple! Use the right keywords and ones that are relevant to your specific niche then wait for that prospect-alert notification. The Google Ads or Google AdWords works as an auction. You identify the right keywords and the bid on them. For every searcher who clicks on your ad, you get paid thus “pay-per-click advertising.”

9 steps on how to advertise your business on google search

First, you will need to create a Google Ads account which is completely free. This step will be followed by learning on how to use it to your advantage—advertising your business. Below are the steps to use:

  1. Decide the goal of your account
  2. Decide your audience
  3. Do a thorough keyword research
  4. Create a bid and a budget
  5. Decide on the structure of your account
  6. Writing high-performing ads will help you stand out from your competitors
  7. Focus on creating great landing pages
  8. Make a list of your remarketing
  9. Opmizise regularly

Once you follow these simple steps your business advertisement in google will be a success. Don’t forget to track your conversion so that you can know the amount of progress you make.

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