How to Advertise My Business on Instagram

How to Advertise My Business on Instagram

Looking to bolster your visibility and create awareness around your brand? If so, your answer lies in Instagram marketing. And the best thing is that you do not have to be a  big brand to be successful or generate more sales on the social media platform.

Using Instagram to advertise your business exposes your business to more people. If you launch the right Instagram marketing campaign, expect to drive traffic and engage leads better than ever before. To give a head start/nudge, this article will walk you through some ways to advertise your business on Instagram:

Use Relevant Hashtags: It’s general knowledge among digital marketers that pictures posted on Instagram using relevant hashtags gain more likes than those without. Tagging your post with a relevant hashtag makes it easy for others to find it. But before tagging a hashtag do your research to ensure it is active and relevant to your niche.

Use Free Instagram Tools: Switching to a business account on Instagram allows one to view customer engagements and interactions through insights on every post. One can also get valuable information on the demographics of their followers—including their age and their most active hours.

Create Sponsored Ads: Instagram is so far one of the most visited social media platforms. Creating a sponsored ad on the platform allows your business to target their audience in a whole new way. But remember to use ad content that’s engaging and appealing.

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