Custom Folding Carton Boxes

Custom Folding Carton Boxes

Collapsing container boxes, otherwise called custom item boxes, are paperboard boxes principally utilized for singular item bundling (for example aroma, candles, and excellent things). These cases regularly have a fold on one of the two finishes of the case.

The best Folding Boxes can be completely tweaked with print outwardly and within the crate, giving you the best storyboard to share your image.


Here are a few kinds of the custom collapsing box listed here:


Nail Deck

Nail deck is a stunner brand that means to make an existence where anybody and everybody can praise their individual uniqueness through shading. It has some expertise in making bespoke nail polishes that are vegetarian, savagery free, 9 free.

Nail Deck was searching for an approach to pleasantly bundle its Lacquer Kit and give the most ideal unpacking experience. PackMojo made a custom box bundling embed for each Lacquer Kit thing, alongside a specially ridged mailer box to finish the bundle.

“PackMojo contacted me about a year prior through a presentation from a common companion and I am so happy they did. I had been thinking hard attempting to make sense of how to make a cost-proficient modified bundling + embed for my Lacquer Kit item and I never realized that there was an organization like PackMojo out there that could give me the arrangements. I just wished I got some answers concerning PackMojo prior!” – Daryl Chew, Founder of Nail Deck



Chezza is a style tech brand from Hong Kong that commends carrying on with an eco-accommodating way of life? They make valuable contraptions for consistently that are planet benevolent and focus on a reasonable future.

Their first item is a cross-body telephone case made out of biodegradable material and a lash made of reused polyester strands. They required telephone case bundling with no negative ecological effect, so we offered them a reused Kraft paper hang tab box with soy ink printing, alongside a sans plastic, yet item noticeable bundling that is ideal for retail show. This was additionally combined with Kraft mailer boxes for issue free transportation.

“We didn’t have a lot of information about bundling and the planning cycle of it, so with the assistance of PackMojo, we made a specialized, progressed, ecologically agreeable bundling set which we truly like. PackMojo is brisk and accommodating and has broadened information on what’s conceivable in bundling. Much obliged to you for your help!!”

– Cheryl and Marc, author of Chezza.



ILO is a brand that is focused on giving solid sterile items and upsetting discussions about periods over the world. Their tampons and sterile cushions are produced using synthetic-free natural cotton or bamboo.

PackMojo worked with ILO to assist them with tampon box bundling and cushion box Packaging. This incorporated a straightforward opposite fold collapsing container box for tampons, and a folding box with a lock base and tear strip at the top.

“Wendy and the group at PackMojo were unfathomable. After a calamity with a past printer, it was such a smooth and charming cycle to work with the PackMojo group – presently I prescribe them to everybody! The nature of printing is excellent, just like the material contributions. They were contactable at whatever point I required and consistently conveyed before our concurred timing. With everything taken into account, 8 out of 5!” – Jette Virdi, Founder of ILO.



Sugaring Paste by Sugaring NYC is the #1 Selling Sugaring Paste on,, and Google Shopping. They work with more than 200 Beauty Enhancement Establishments and their sugaring pack is produced using 100% natural fixings: natural sugar, purged water, and natural lemons.

PackMojo worked with Sugaring to deliver exclusively printed collapsing container boxes for them at-home waxing units. The collapsing container boxes are an extraordinary method to minimalistic ally bundle everything in the pack, which incorporates a glue, implement, and gloves. Each side of the collapsing container box is printed with Sugaring’s marking and valuable data, for example, directions and fixings, eliminating the requirement for a different guidelines card. The head of these collapsing container boxes utilize a fold, and the base of the case is a lock base, intended for simple get together and guaranteeing the case has a safely bolted base. These crates are solid yet lightweight, making them the ideal bundling for e-commerce.


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